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Jan 21, 2008 10:11 PM

Small Romantic Phoenix Dinner

I am looking for a small intimate place to eat somewhere in the Phoenix area. I am taking my girlfriends parents out and they want to go somewhere that isnt too "over the top" but at the same time needs to be delicious. There are a few things that need to apply because it needs to be somewhat affordable preferably $25 or less per entree, and has to accompany earlier diners as we are attending the Phoenix Symphony which begins at 8. I thought Fate would be the perfect place, but come to find out my girlfriends mother is not too fond of asian foods(very unfortunate as that would be the perfect place) If any one has suggestions somewhat similiar to that It would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I wonder if Coup des Tartes might work. They do just barely squeak under the $25/entree limit. As for as the over-the-topness and exoticness of the cuisine, you might be the best judge of that. CdT opens for dinner at 5:30.

    Same story with Sophie's Bistro--there are some entrees that come in right at or just under $25. Sophie's opens for dinner at 5:00.

    Neither of these is super close to Symphony Hall, but maybe others can come up with ideas for places that are nearer.

    Coup Des Tartes
    4626 N. 16th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85016

    Sophie's French Bistro
    2320 E Osborn Rd, Phoenix, AZ

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      Alexi's Grill is nice, right on Central, and very convenient to downtown. Dinners are served with soup and salad and nice sides at reasonable prices.

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        I second Sophie's Bistro. It is intimate and usually very quiet. Even when we filled it with a wine event, the noise level was very low, so conversation was easy. The menu is usually great, and the service is usually excellent. The only comment, that is not praise, is that Surg needs to kick up his wine list a notch, or two, otherwise, a great, undiscovered restaurant.


      2. I have recommended Coronado Cafe in the past for a similar request. I think it fits the bill well.


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          Coronado Cafe was the one I was trying to shake loose from the far reaches of my memory. Good call, BB.

        2. trente cinq is great for that.... we actually were there with a bunch of other symphony people last time we went... apparently 35 has some discount for symphony people...

          1. We had dinner at Coup des Tartes in mid December on a Friday night. If you want a romantic dinner this may be not exactly what you have in mind [although I am not sure that is the correct term if you are taking your girlfriends' parents out to dinner].

            The tables are really close together and while it is cozy, it is not exactly intimate. Try to get a room in the tiny back room. There are only 4 or 5 tables there and it is a bit more romantic. The food was really good and desserts were excellent.

            In case you don't know, it is BYOB. They charge a corking fee for wine and a $1 cap fee per beer. There is supposedly a limit to how much you can consume, but we saw tables for 2 with 2 bottles of wine. I think it was a limit of 2 12 oz beers per person, or 1 glass of wine per person.

            Going early might eliminate some of the closeness issues.

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              There isn't a limit as to how much you can consume, the limit is to how much you can have served at any given time -- how much is sitting in front of you. They say a 6-oz glass of wine or one beer. I had my wedding reception there, so I was pretty well invested in making that distinction. They mean, serially.

              Lots of good suggestions here -- hard to go wrong with any of them.

            2. I recommend House of Tricks in downtown Tempe. Get a 5 pm reservation and relax. Eat outside if the weather is nice. Or, for an affordable place, charming, not too expensive, limited menu, try Cibo at 5th Ave. and Fillmore in downtown Phoenix. The menu is mostly limited to wood-oven pizzas and salads.