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Where can I find sunchokes????

Does anyone know where I can find sunchokes (aka jerusalem artichokes) in the LA area?

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  1. i saw them sunday at Gelsons in MDR.

    1. I saw them at Trader Joe's last week.

      1. TJ's, whole foods, co-op in santa monica

        1. The Farm Boy, at least the Sherman Oaks branch, carries them.

          1. Saw em at TJ's and Pavillions in Burbank.

            1. as other chowhounds mentioned, you can get 'em at trader joe's. i actually picked some up there last week, and now am unsure what to do with them minus just slicing 'em and putting them in sandwiches, using them to as veggie crudites, etc. could you share your ideas on how to use? much thanks.

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                Just a brief interruption, folks. Please post recipes and preparation tips on the Home Cooking board. Just let Kermit and others know where to look, by posting the URL of the new thread here. Thanks so much.

              2. Sunchokes are pretty much out of season. You might be able to still find a few at the Santa Monica Farmers' Markets. Check at Weiser Family Farms and Coleman Farms.

                1. Elat Market generally has them (one block east of Robertson on Pico)

                  1. Most Iranian stores. Elat included, carry something they mistakenly call dried shallots which are in fact dried sun-chokes. You need to hydrate them - I do it by dropping a few in some yogurt - but boy, oh, boy, they're delish. Ask for dried shallots and ye shall find.