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Jan 21, 2008 09:09 PM

MSP - Where to find real lard?

Does anyone know where real lard can be found in Minneapolis or St Paul? I'm not talking the partially hydrogenated Snowcap or Armour Star brands, but higher quality "artisanal" stuff?

My friend from New Mexico was waxing poetic about the countless types of lard available to her and I was wondering if that kind of thing could be had in the Twin Cities. I'm guessing Lake St, but before I go on a wild goose chase I thought I'd post my question here.

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  1. I know I have seen lard at Byerly's, but I haven't looked at it to see if it would meet your standards.

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      Nevermind - just checked the website, all they have is Amour Star.

    2. Farm in the Market has it. It is in the freezer case with the pork products. I've bought it, used it, and loved it.

      Farm in the Market
      920 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN

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      1. re: churchka

        Oooh good to know! Thanks Churchka!

      2. I've bought it from the meat places at the farmer's markets. St. Paul and the one on Lake Street. These farmer do show up on Saturdays even in the winter.

        1. El Burrito Mercado in West St. Paul has real lard.

          1. Update: I just found lard from two shops in the Midtown Global Market, so thanks for the tips Chowhounders! Bymore meats had it good and cheap and in the refrigerated section, and Farm in the Market had it frozen for an outrageous price. I splurged and decided to try both to compare. I'll let you know how my biscochitos turn out!

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              Farm in the Market's is most likely organic and local, hence the high price. (Bymore Meat's lard could be either or both, but organic is unlikely if the price is low.) Would be interested to know if you think the expensive lard is worth it.