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Strauss Milk Sightings?

A friend and I have noticed a disturbing trend of Strauss milk disappearing from our local Whole Foods.

Has anyone seen any lately? Much thanks...

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  1. It was there at the Arroyo Pkwy. store on Saturday afternoon.

    1. we heard through the grapevine that WF was pushing SF to do their private label organic milk and SF could not do it for the price WF was asking. so CLOVER is doing the private label and getting more labeled shelf space in return and SF is being carried on a very limited basis.

      on another couple of dairy notes, SF BARISTA blend is being used at the new LA MILL COFFEE BOUTIQUE. LA MILL'S cost on the milk is rumored at $6/gallon.

      FIRST STREET MILK at SMART & FINAL (horror of horrors) is actually ALTADENA MILK processed without RbST, even though it's not stated on the label.

      probably more milk talk than you were asking for.

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      1. re: revets2

        Interesting, I really like SF products. What is the barista blend like?

        1. re: budlit

          milk blended especially for espresso/tea type drinks. never seen it at retail.

          here's a link:

        2. re: revets2

          Does anyone know if this is true about Clover being the private-label supplier for Whole Foods organic milk?

        3. Don't get me started. Our stupid local WF claims they carry both the cream and milk but I haven't seen it in YEARS. And I complain all the time...

          1. Thanks for the replies, everyone. Sounds like I'll only have depressing news to pass on to my friend. Boo hoo...

            1. I just bought a bottle at the Whole Paycheck in Santa Monica yesterday.

              1. LA Mill uses it for their coffee drinks.

                1. Bumping this. I know Cookbook in Echo Park also has Straus ($2.99/quart) but... Being held hostage by trips to Whole Foods is NOT my idea of a good time Saturday morning.

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                  1. re: TonyC

                    Farmshop in Brentwood Country Mart has it.

                      1. re: TonyC

                        Co-Opportunity in Santa Monica also carries it. WF is a PIA when it comes to milk, I was really ticked off when they stopped carrying raw milk (Organic Pastures and Claravale brands) in 2010. They lost a LOT of business from me over that issue, since I don't need to go there as much now that I cannot get my milk there.

                        1. re: sablouwho

                          Just saw bottles of Strauss Milk at Whole Foods, Brentwood,on San Vicente.

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                            Don't blame Whole Foods. Blame the FDA. They're convinced that raw milk is a mortal danger because one time 10 years ago some elderly people in France got diarrhea from raw milk.

                            1. re: AlkieGourmand

                              Oh, but I -do- blame WF. Believe me, I am very well versed in the FDA's delusions about raw milk. However, that doesn't mean I'm willing to give Whole Foods a pass--far from it.

                              I think Whole Foods is ridiculous on this issue and I absolutely blame them for being utter cowards in not continuing to carry one of the most healthy "whole foods" there is (raw milk). They could have been very influential on this issue and fought the good fight instead of just running at the first sign of trouble.

                              Deeply lost respect for WF on this issue. A long time ago, WF used to stand for something--I used to shop at their original store in Austin. Now they seem just like another company paying lip service to healthy foods and not really meaning it.

                              I am quite happy to preferentially give my food dollars primarily to farmers (directly or thru farmer's markets) and to do my "grocery" shopping preferentiall at places like Co-Opportunity and Erewhon. I will always shop at those kinds of places FIRST, instead of WF whenever permissible, as I find such places actually care about the food quality and aren't afraid to stand behind what they believe in.

                              1. re: AlkieGourmand

                                So, Louis Pasteur had nothing to contribute ? Prior to pasteurization, ( long before 10 years ago), many people died from un"pasteurized" milk.. The victims were more likely to be small children and not "elderly people in France." Suggest you not blame the FDA but do some good research on Pasteur and his contributions

                                1. re: maudies5

                                  Maudie--sounds like you may not be familiar with some EXCELLENT, scientifically sound resources that explain many of the fallacies and lies about raw milk and the reasons that it has largely been given an undeserved bad rep.

                                  I would kindly request that you not make the assumption that I am unfamiliar with Pasteur, or assume that I have not "done my research". I come from a family of scientists and I was, at first, EXTREMELY hesitant to drink unpasteurized milk and was very suspicious of it.

                                  I then did a LOT of reading, and LOT of research, etc, and found that what I -thought- I knew about raw milk turned out to be largely unfounded and untrue.

                                  That doesn't mean that everyone is going to feel comfortable consuming raw dairy products, but I do respectfully request that you not assume I'm uneducated about this subject as I've given it considerable study and did not make a willy-nilly decision.

                                  1. re: AlkieGourmand

                                    There are many, many serious sicknesses, recalls, and deaths from raw milk every year in the US from licensed legal vendors.

                                    www.foodsafetynews.com tracks them.

                          2. I just wanted to confirm by myself before reposting this.

                            Per SF board:

                            Mentioned in 2010:

                            Whole Foods is Clover
                            TJ cream top is still Straus.

                            Half a gal (plastic) of cream top, whole fat, kosher, pasteurized TJ cream top is $3.69, which makes it only quarter more than half a gal of Straus barista milk.

                            Thanks to everyone who played, thanks to http://whereismymilkfrom.com/ for existing.

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                            1. re: TonyC

                              Thanks for this. Time to save some money and go with the Whole Foods private-label.

                            2. TJ brand Straus cream-top milk is discontinued as of Oct 15. I am in a really bad place right now.

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                              1. good Eggs will deliver it to you.
                                they carry the nonfat, the 1%, and the 2%
                                for the whole milk they only carry the St. Benoit organic.

                                here's the link for the 2% half gallon

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                                1. re: westsidegal

                                  thanks WSG, I remember seeing them on GE.

                                  GE is not viable because they require $30 minimum for deliver, and the only spot for weekend pickup is their Eagle Rock/Frogtown HQ. Might as well go to Gelson/WF.

                                  One on hand, their prices are actually cheaper than Sprouts because they include CRV. On the other, they don't have Straus whole milk.

                                  FML this Cali draught...

                                  1. re: TonyC

                                    >> One on hand, their prices are actually cheaper than Sprouts because they include CRV. <<

                                    Can't you return the glass bottles for money back?

                                  2. re: westsidegal

                                    I love the Saint Benoit milk, great flavor

                                    1. re: budlit

                                      this morning the el segund whole foods also had stock of the Saint Benoit in addition to the Straus

                                  3. a whole shelf of Strauss Whole Milk at
                                    Whole Foods el segundo

                                    20 minutes ago (10/22 11:40AM)

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                                    1. re: westsidegal

                                      There's no shortage of Straus whole milk at WF / Sprouts.

                                      It's just hard swallowing an overnight 30% increase + the severe inconvenience of going to WF/Sprouts.

                                      1. re: TonyC

                                        thanks for explaining.
                                        since i never drink the stuff, i just read the OP and answered without reading the whole thread.
                                        sloppy of me