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Jan 21, 2008 09:01 PM

Strauss Milk Sightings?

A friend and I have noticed a disturbing trend of Strauss milk disappearing from our local Whole Foods.

Has anyone seen any lately? Much thanks...

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  1. It was there at the Arroyo Pkwy. store on Saturday afternoon.

    1. we heard through the grapevine that WF was pushing SF to do their private label organic milk and SF could not do it for the price WF was asking. so CLOVER is doing the private label and getting more labeled shelf space in return and SF is being carried on a very limited basis.

      on another couple of dairy notes, SF BARISTA blend is being used at the new LA MILL COFFEE BOUTIQUE. LA MILL'S cost on the milk is rumored at $6/gallon.

      FIRST STREET MILK at SMART & FINAL (horror of horrors) is actually ALTADENA MILK processed without RbST, even though it's not stated on the label.

      probably more milk talk than you were asking for.

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      1. re: revets2

        Interesting, I really like SF products. What is the barista blend like?

        1. re: budlit

          milk blended especially for espresso/tea type drinks. never seen it at retail.

          here's a link:

        2. re: revets2

          Does anyone know if this is true about Clover being the private-label supplier for Whole Foods organic milk?

        3. Don't get me started. Our stupid local WF claims they carry both the cream and milk but I haven't seen it in YEARS. And I complain all the time...

          1. Thanks for the replies, everyone. Sounds like I'll only have depressing news to pass on to my friend. Boo hoo...

            1. I just bought a bottle at the Whole Paycheck in Santa Monica yesterday.