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Jan 21, 2008 08:25 PM

Wine tasting class in manhattan?

Can anyone recommend a good wine tasting class in manhattan? I was thinking it would be a fun thing to do, but i have no idea where to go about looking for one

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  1. I believe DH took some classes at ICE.

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    1. Here's a link to a NYTimes article with info on classes at a couple of wine shops.

      And I know that Sherry-Lehman, when they moved last year, added a large space for tastings and classes that were to begin sometime this year. Don't know if they have yet or not, but you could call or check the Web site.

      1. The wine classes at Vino, the wine shop of i Trulli restaurant, are fun and informative.

        1. i took a course with a friend at Crush a few yrs back. it was great. i recommend going with someone if possible.

          1. I've taken several wine classes at ICE. Look for those taught by Ron Ciavolino - he's the "Rainman" of wine. His knowledge of regions, landscapes, grapes and climates is quite impressive. I'm convinced he can taste a wine and tell you exactly what the vineyard workers ate for lunch on the day the grapes were harvested.

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                  how was the one at ICE? was it fun? I want to learn, but I also want to have a good time

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                    Well, I wasn't there but DH said he had a good time. He did say the thing about the recreational classes at ICE that bothered him was that they didn't seem to care too much whether or not you learned anything -- after your tuition was paid, you could do whatever you wanted. I don't what exact classes he took, though. I'm sure a lot depends on the teacher.

                    I took a class at Christie's which was really informative. Unfortunately I don't think it's open to the public. One thing I discovered is that I've got pretty unsophisticated taste in wine -- I prefer wines that are better than Boones, but didn't like those rare expensive vintages.

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                      The Wine Essentials Class that Ron Ciavolino teaches (in addition to any of his other wine classes) have a good mix of information and fun. I don't know about the other wine instructors at ICE.

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                        last question, they obviously give you much wine do they give you? (like is not that much or a ton?)

                        reason i might attend the one that is coming up very soon, but i have something i need to go to afterwards and i don't want to be hammered when i go

                        1. re: Lau

                 was probably about 1/3 - 1/2 the amount of a normal glass of wine. Of course, if you taste a number of wine, it adds up :)

                          Also, back when I took the class, any leftover wine was given to whomever wanted to take it home. Don't know if that's still the case.

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                            If you find it's too much wine for you, you can spit. A decent wine glass should provide you with a spit bucket.

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                              alright sounds good...thx for the help