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Jan 21, 2008 08:09 PM

Sourdough pancake inquiry.

I plan to make sourdough pancakes soon and I wonder if extra batter can be refrigerated for later use. If so, then for how long? Let me know if you've any experience. I'll be using the recipe from the link, most likely halved...I'm only feeding two for hopefully several breakfasts.

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  1. 'fraid not. The baking powder and soda in the batter are activated when the liquid and acid components are introduced. If you leave the batter sitting too long it will go "flat" and the pancakes will not have the proper texture.

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      Also, the sourdough bacteria will continue to work, and the batter will get ever more sour. You won't like the taste. Further, the bacteria will continue to break down the gluten in the batter, and the pancakes won't have the proper texture or rise correctly, regardless of leavening.