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Jan 21, 2008 07:49 PM

July in Venice with college friends

Am going on a cruise departing Venice in late July with five other couples from college; all in our early 50's. We're not particulary adventurous eaters, but want to go somewhere off the tourist path (authentic/local place) where we can eat for less than an arm and a leg and have a good time (much wine drinking, celebrating, etc.); any ideas/suggestions? Thanks. Trattoria level ok, fancy formal dining not a must but should be above paper place settings. Thanks.

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  1. Though it is not completely "off the tourist path" Alla Madonna gets more than its share of locals. It's big, bright, and bustling and the food is simple but superb. Service is brisk and efficient. It is perfect for a large group.

    1. Ate lunch at Ae Oche (pizza). Sat outside. It was lunch time and we were surrounded by local workers. Also watched many local children going home from school for lunch. It's not fancy, but it was reasonably priced.
      Santa Croche 1552

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        I think thats an excellent value pizzeria but I wouldnt recommend it for a special meal.

      2. do you just have this one meal in Venice? If so, you may want to focus on the venetian seafood (assuming that your group is good for seafood) Honestly, I dont know what an arm and a leg means for someone about to shell out for a cruise!
        Places that I like very much in Venice are Corte Sconta (I think good for a relaxed celebratory meal and excellent seafood), Alla Zucca (more tilted to meat/fowl/vegetable preparations, richer fare and a very civilized laid back atmosphere) and Anice Stellato, but there are certainly many more which we havent been to but Ive wanted to try, including Altanella, on the Giudecca, and Alla Carampane.