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Jan 21, 2008 07:21 PM

West Village: $50-60 Date

Hey all, I'm back (yet again) for another date recommendation (with yet a different date). This is a third date, but the first 2 were pretty casual, so I'm not looking to get too fancy yet. We're going to a movie at Film Forum, just off 6th ave and Houston. The last few dates I went on were to Malatesta, Alta, and Pearl, all great meals, but I'd like to keep it somewhere around $50-60. Any suggestions that are fairly quiet and pack a great meal for the buck?

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  1. You can definitely do Cafe Asean for that price. However, I think it's better in the summer as the garden they have in the back is on the romantic side.

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      Are you saying $50-60 a person or a couple?
      If you meant a person, Crispo would be perfect.
      If you meant a couple, I cannot be of help to you.

      1. re: idia

        $50-60 per couple. I can think of 50 places if it's per person, but this is just a casual dinner date. Thanks Miss Needle I'll check into that

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          I love Westville on W10th, its my favorite restaurant in the neighborhood. Some might disagree but I think its kind of romantic since the tables are pretty small and close to each other, but its still just burgers and american fare. I'd also suggest Cafe Condesa on W10th or 12 Chairs Cafe on Macdougal, towards Soho.

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        I've taken a number of women to Cafe Asean on dates, and most, if not all, seemed to like it. The seating could be a bit more comfy, but otherwise it works as a date spot. Last woman I took raved about it and wanted to bing some of her friends there. First time I went, sometime in the late '90s, a woman took me there on a date.

      3. I'd check out 'ino, though it can get expensive if you drink more than a glass or two each.

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 forum and ' just cant beat that...

          share the cheese plate, truffled egg toast and split a quattro panini...with 2 glasses of wine, i think you'll still be under 50.

        2. The Downing St / Beford and Carmine St areas are pretty convenient to the Film Forum. Blue Ribbon Bakery would probably be a little expensive, but it is casual and the food is great. There's also 'ino on Bedford.

          On Carmine there's a noodle shop that's pretty good, Kirara for very reasonable sushi that I'd rate "very good," and Grey Dog's Coffee actually serves great food and is great for a relaxed dinner and some beer or wine.

          Or, you could cross 6th Ave to the west houston / soho area. The Le Gamin on w Houston right there would be very relaxed and affordable. Their roast chicken is great, and they have all the standard French stuff, including crepes, escargot, etc.

          Have fun!

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            The plan right now is 'ino...should we expect to wait for a table if we get there at 7? Would like to make the 8:20 screening at Film Forum

            1. re: fishermb

              it is a tough call on whether you will have to wait. if you are willing to sit at the bar, you will certainly increase your chance of eating at 7:00. as a back-up, check out ditch-plains as it is down the street from ino.

              1. re: fishermb

                that is pushing it in terms of snagging a table AND the movie, depending on what you are seeing. That said, I will be the first to admit that I am one of those dorks that gets to the movie early in fear of not getting a seat; and more often than not, walk into a almost empty theatre as I wipe my sweaty stress-induced brow.

                I have "issues" when it comes to "dinner and movie" and timing. :)

            2. The Garage on, I think, 7th near Christopher is in that price range, or maybe a tad more with apps and drinks. They've got live jazz and the place has a real upbeat vibe. Food's pretty good too. I've taken a couple early-on dates there, but I haven't been back in a couple years due to the fact that one of those early-on dates actually stuck around and married me. I don't think it was because of The Garage though.

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                Well we wound up doing 'ino. The first thing we did was change our tickets to the 10:10 showing when we realized that even though we'd be seated around 7:30, we didn't want to rush. We started off with some wine and the truffled egg toast which was fabulous. Then ordered the cheese plate and quattro panini. All 4 that we tried were very good, I don't think any of them were out of this world, but it was all very tasty and we weren't dissatisfied with any of our choices.

                A few minutes after we ordered the cheese/panini, the host asked if we would mind moving to the table up front in the corner so they could seat a table of 4. Wound up being perfect, as it was off by itself so there was no traffic or being cramped with the table next to us. After our meal, he brought us a nutella panino and glasses of the moscato and garganega on the house for asking us to move. The service was great, never rushed, though we didn't really order all that much considering we were there for 2 hours. The bill for what we ordered came out to $50, left a $20 tip since everything was pretty much perfect (and that's what our free desert would have cost).

                Will definitely be back again. Oh and the rest of the date went well too :)

                Thanks all again for the suggestions

                1. re: fishermb

                  dude...was i right or was i right?

                  glad it worked out.

              2. Since you seem likely to be seeing this woman again. Another date that worked for me, and it's not that great, but I seemed to know what I was doing, was to take a woman to one of the Italian places on Bleeker near Carmine, and then telling her to not order dessert and taking her to Rocco's or the now defunct Bruno. I took at least four different women on first dates to Trattoria Pesce & Pasta, ordered the cold antipasta plate to share, whatever entrees we wanted, then shifted across the street for coffee and dessert. Not expensive, not wonderful, but as a date it worked. I have not been to an Italian restaurant in the area other than Bellavitae for a few years though now.