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Jan 21, 2008 07:09 PM

Sticky Rice in Bamboo Leaves

I was saddened recently to see that one of my favorite stores in Chinatown had closed. They mainly sold sticky rice in bamboo leaves (zhong zhi...or something like that) with some other Chinese goods and pastries. A little place off Mott as the street curved (as you're walking south).

They look like this:

Can anyone suggest another place to get my bamboo/sticky rice fix? I'm looking for a store where I can buy them and bring home. The ones in the grocery stores (if I can even find them) look so unfresh and unappetizing.

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  1. lots of ladies selling them at the corner of grand street and forsyth but I can't speak to any of the sanitary or freshness requirements. certainly homemade though, but you'd probably need to speak cantonese (or get a translator) to help you with the various types.

    btw, there are rumors that May May may be reopening somewhere (a son or nephew somewhere in the family decided, in the end, to carry on the family tradition).

    1. Forgive my spelling but i think what you are talking about is called "lo may gai"

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        well, there's noh mai gai (dim sum item) and there's joong (wrapped and tied w/string) -- I can't tell which OP is referring to but from the photo, I suspect #1..

        1. re: Sarah

          I was talking about the ones that are wrapped and tied with string.

          That's great news/rumor about May May bigjeff.

          1. re: Sarah

            I'm sure the OP is talking about joong and the store was Mei Mei. There was a recent thread about this and the consensus is that we haven't found a replacement yet.

          2. re: foodwhisperer

            OP is correct. Zhong zhi is sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaves, tied with a string, and boiled. "Loh mai gai" is sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaves, and steamed. Zhong zhi may contain peanuts mixed into the rice and the filling is also different between the two.

          3. pretty sure i've seen them being sold on E. Broadway at Forsyth (right near the chinatown buses) on the south side of the street.

            1. The original comment has been removed