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rosemarys vs vintners grill for lunch in vegas?

any help with which place to go with a couple guys for lunch? thanks alot

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  1. both are very good...i think i would go with Rosemary's - they used to have a very good lunch special...not sure if they still have it ....$25 for 3 courses ( i had it in august )

    enjoy !

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    1. The price of the 3-course lunch has increased, but here is a link to a coupon that will bring it down to $23:

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        thanks westie I've already printed the coupon...

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          I would agree with Rosemary's for lunch. We were just there last week and used the coupon for the 3 course lunch (as did several other neighboring diners). I had the bbq shrimp app, the salmon entree and the lemon icebox for dessert. Everything was wonderful and a great value at the price.

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            thanks sunshineinaz, sounds like a winner to me. did you eat anywhere else in vegas to recommend? thanks...

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              Also went to Lotus of Siam - great Thai food. On the strip, we went to Stripsteak at Mandalay Bay and that was fabulous. Enjoy!

      2. vintners offers half portions and half prices during lunch everyday

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          thanks ms4646 how is the food quality? thanks...