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Great Cup of Coffee

Like most New Yorkers, I have what seems to be an unquenchable addition to a good cup of coffee. I'm looking to find the city's best cups of coffee (and I do not mean Dunkin' Donuts or Starbucks). What I'm looking to find are those great local joints where you can wander in and get a terrific cup of coffee. Personally, I find the coffee and pastries at La Bergamote in Chelsea to be top notch? Any others?

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  1. The best coffee I have ever had, is the Latte at Gimme Coffee out in W'burg. Definitely worth the hike.

    Cafe Grumpy in Chelsea has the clover. It is a $10k drip coffee maker. I was underwhelmed but it was probably the bean I had.

    Jack's Stir Brewed Coffee in the Village

    Mud Cafe and the MudTrucks.

    just to get you started

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      I assume you mean drip coffee. For that, I love Abraco, Roasting Plant (though theirs is pretty light), Joe, and Jack's. Grey Dog is pretty good, too.

      I'm not a big fan of the Mudspot / Mudtrucks.


    2. Had a fabulous cappucino and expresso at Fika, near the Parker Meridien (went just before a burger). 41 West 58th Street.

      (Don't know if you are looking for drip coffee, didn't try that.)

      1. Macchiato on 43rd between 3rd and Lex.

        1. I'm a huge coffee fiend and my favorite places are Think (Mercer and 3rd Sts), Caffe Dante (great espresso) on Macdougal between Houston and Bleecker, and Once Upon A Tart (very strong, dark roast coffee) which is on Sullivan between Houston and Prince. Favorite hands down is Think. Not a huge fan of Mud or Joe's.

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            I agree with VillageGirl that Once Upon a Tart makes an excellent cup of coffee. I believe they use Porto Rico beans. As Kathryn mentioned above, Grey Dog's drip coffee is very good as well.

            1. My picks...

              Drip Coffee - Jacks, Grey Dog, Local, MoJo, Grumpy (Clover drip)

              Espresso - Ninth St Espresso, Joe, Gimme Coffee

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                Good to hear that Local is good. Have you tried any of their pastries/desserts?

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                  No, haven't tried Local's pastries yet, but really like their drip coffee - very solid! I'll tell you who has fantastic products (croissants, bagels, cookies, etc), MoJo Coffee. Have you been there yet? Charles St (btw Greenwich St & Washington). Some stuff they bake, others they seem to choose from purveyors around town. I'm really impressed with the quality of the products. Everything I've eaten there is top notch. Not cheap but truly worth it. They have soup & sandwiches too but I haven't tried them yet.

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                    Their pastries are excellent! I love the peanut butter chocolate chip cookies- they're to die for. Everything's organic and they're not too ridiculously buttery/oily.

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                    Agree with Ninth St Espresso, Joe and Grumpy for amazing espresso drinks. And Ninth St. has a new location in Chelsea Market.Would also add Everyman Coffee on 13th between 3rd and 4th - run by an ex-Ninth St. barista. I also like Oren's drip coffee.

                  3. Had the best espresso shot at Zibetto this weekend (on 6th Ave, betweeh 56th & 57th sts)


                    1. Porto Rico is the best latte in town! I always buy some beans to bring back home, and some to give as gift to one of my special friends, because they are excellent and not too expensive.

                      1. Jack's is my favorite! He opened one downtown on Fulton Street...I think the original is on the Westside...Best coffee!

                        1. Java Girl on 66th between 1st and 2nd.

                          1. Roasting plant on Orchard St. The coffee there is the bomb i walk 3 blocks out of my way before work so i can go and get a cup of coffee there. I am a coffee addict i drink my coffee black but you can tell it is not starbucks overburned beans, or colered water of dunkin donuts, their coffee it has the right aroma and taste for a good morning awake...

                            1. Tabbac, just down the street a bit from Le Bergamote on Ninth is Ninth St. Espresso, in Chelsea Market, and they do well with coffee....

                              1. Cafe Angelique (Bleecker between Crosby and Broadway) also has great drip coffee. I don't like their espresso, but their regular French Roast is just delicious.

                                Related: can anyone recommend a good drip coffee place near the Plaza hotel? I know Zibetto is good for espresso, but I'm looking for good drip... thanks!

                                1. A new place called "joe" opened on 23rd off of 9th. I thought the coffee was really good.

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                                    Is that Blue Bottle from San Francisco? I read about it in this week's New York, and it was in that area. If so, their coffee is great.

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                                      This is the same Joe the Art of Coffee that is in the West Village, Soho (inside Alessi store), and by Union Square, BTW.


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                                        I see. I know the Joe on 13th Street -- I'm assuming that's the one. I definitely did read about Blue Bottle coming to Chelsea. Maybe it's not there yet.

                                    2. "unquenchable addition"?
                                      Zabars on the UWS has a great cup o joe. You can buy a cup at the cafe but I prefer buying a bag of beans and grinding/brewing at home. I know that was not your question but I am a firm believer in home brew. :)
                                      Ozzies in Brooklyn is pretty dec. when I am in the area.

                                      1. The new Mercury Dime on East 5th has some darn good espresso, cappuccino and latte action.

                                        1. Definitely Joe. They have several locations now in Manhattan, including a new one in Chelsea. http://www.joetheartofcoffee.com/

                                          Nice neighborhood feel to the place. And the coffee (and espresso) is really a cut above. Sometimes there's a wait, but it's totally worth it. They make a beautiful latte. Here's a link to a photo I took of their latte art when I popped in their village location: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nycblond...

                                          If you are in Brooklyn, I love Gorilla. http://www.gorillacoffee.com/

                                          1. I always look forward to going downtown to Jack's on Front Street. I think the original is somewhere on the West Side - but their coffee is amazing!

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                                              Yes, West Village. Jack's Stir-Brewed.

                                              Jack's Stir Brew Coffee
                                              138 W 10th St, New York, NY 10014

                                            2. Mei Lai Wah Coffeehouse, 64 Bayard, Chinatown. Served with light cream. Yum.