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Jan 21, 2008 06:05 PM

Adour Anyone?

Has anyone dined at Alain Ducasse's new place yet? I am debating whether to do the trusted Jean Georges or try Adour??? Thx.

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  1. hasn't opened yet, but i'm going as soon as it does- i have high hopes. fyi, you have to give credit card info for resos

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    1. re: cakster

      I'm going on valentine's day. Does anyone have a report yet?

      1. re: andymadrid

        Yes, but I haven't written it up yet: the setting is attractive, the food is still classic upscale French - expect meticulously arranged plates, but nothing edgy. Service is getting there. Surprisingly, a lot of empty tables, especially first half of the evening. Expensive: not a surprise.

        1. re: Wilfrid

          Hi Wilfrid,

          Wondering what you think about Adour when compared to Robuchon? Which one do you think has better food?


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      1. I was there last weekend. I have their menu and pictures here.

        I hesitate to have a verdict so soon.
        Lovely room in the old Lespinasse space. The menu is, that's right, not edgy. Classic French + simple twists. Servers are trying their best.

        I usually go for tasting menus, but I didn't, even though the price was reasonable. It just wasn't enticing enough.

        The sauces were perfectly done. Very pretty desserts (with gold leaf, of course...) Yuzu sorbet was nice, just a tad too sweet.

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          The chef was Tony Esnault, pastry chef was Sandro Micheli.

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            Sounds perfect, thank you for the information!

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          1. I went yesterday and it was pretty underwhelming - really no wow factor in anything - certainly not as good as jean-georges, per se, daniel, or any of the alain ducasse family of restaurants in Paris - although it is at the same price point - and the music was exceedingly elevatoresque - pretty good wine selections, I did like desert - overall, eh