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Suggestions for Boston pub for casual dinner?

gemini222 Jan 21, 2008 05:38 PM

I'm heading into Boston this Saturday evening for the BU/UNH hockey game at the Agganis Arena, and I'm looking for a pub-style restaurant in the city where four of us can get a reasonably-priced casual meal before the game. My brother, who is not a foodie (which is why I am posting here), suggested Boston Beer Works (it looks like they have two Boston locations, but I think he's referring to the one by Fenway) or The Warren Tavern in Charlestown. A few months ago, I went to Doyle's in Jamaica Plain and that was good. Suggestions? Thanks!

  1. g
    gemini222 Jan 23, 2008 03:59 PM

    Thank you all for your recommendations. I think we're going to try the Publick House (getting there early, as suggested).

    1. Chris VR Jan 22, 2008 06:49 PM

      If you like Doyles, give O'Leary's in Brookline a try (St. Mary's at Beacon). Nothing fancy, just good solid pub food. Beef stew especially recommended.

      1. s
        SSqwerty Jan 22, 2008 05:12 PM

        Washington Square Tavern in Washington Square, Brookline. Wonderful and consistent.

        1. s
          saltyair Jan 22, 2008 04:11 PM

          beacon Street Tavern next to St Marys T Station

          1. digga Jan 22, 2008 03:53 PM

            One caveat about Publick House - get there early (I think it opens at 4 pm, kitchen at 5 pm on weekends). Otherwise, you will not make opening face-off.

            1. g
              Guinness02122 Jan 22, 2008 03:10 PM

              The food and drink at the Sunset Grill & Tap and the Sunset Cantina are solid. Audobon Circle is a nice choice too.

              1. c
                cambridgeMike Jan 22, 2008 05:31 AM

                The food at Beer Works isn't particularly good but I do really enjoy their beers. Another suggestion close to Publick House but more of a sit down restaurant kind of place would be Washington Square Tavern.

                1. s
                  southie Jan 22, 2008 02:36 AM

                  I just tried JJ Foleys on Berkeley St off of Washington. I really enjoyed both the food and atmosphere!

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                  1. re: southie
                    lulu806 Jan 22, 2008 05:04 AM

                    I have to disagree on JJ Foleys - while it's fine for a drink, the place is dirty, smelly, and my meal was terrible the one - and now only - time I ate there.

                    1. re: lulu806
                      southie Jan 22, 2008 03:17 PM

                      Have you been in since the redo? I only went there based on good reviews posted here. I watched the renovations being done and felt confident they were sprucing the place up. My dinner was very good. Liver and onions was one of the specials!

                      1. re: southie
                        Bostonbob3 Jan 23, 2008 06:42 AM

                        Agree, southie. I like the food at Foley's since the renovation quite a bit. Nothing cutting-edge, to be sure, but very tasty.

                  2. h
                    heard Jan 22, 2008 12:22 AM

                    Try the Publick House on Commonwealth in Brookline. Somewhat similar to Boston Beer Works, but not as commercial and delicious food, especially the burger and mussels.

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                    1. re: heard
                      PaulB Jan 22, 2008 03:15 AM

                      Publick House is actually located on Beacon Street in Washington Sq Brookline.

                      1. re: PaulB
                        heard Jan 22, 2008 06:03 AM

                        oops! I always mix those streets but. Thanks for the clarification Paul B.

                      2. re: heard
                        steinpilz Jan 22, 2008 04:16 AM

                        I'll second Publick house, great beer selection and good food. Other places closer to BU are Sunset Grill and Sunset Cantina and Lower Depths and Beacon Street Tavern.

                        1. re: steinpilz
                          Cork Jan 22, 2008 07:59 AM

                          I'll also second the Publick house - Ate there for the first time last week - Had a great cioppino (not what one would expect to eat at a pub!). Also, the beer list is quite wonderful -

                        2. re: heard
                          BBHound Jan 22, 2008 06:13 AM

                          Audobon Circle would be a good choice near BU.

                          Audobon Circle Restaurant Bar
                          838 Beacon St, Boston, MA 02215

                          1. re: BBHound
                            steinpilz Jan 22, 2008 06:56 AM

                            I agree, forgot about Audobon Circle, I'd probably choose it second to Publick House among the ones I mentioned.

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