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Jan 21, 2008 05:37 PM

Layover at Vegas Airport

I have 3 1/2 hours between flights next Monday afternoon. Can anyone suggest a restaurant in the airport? How about a bar with halfway decent food? Anything but a McDonalds, Pizza Hut or similar joint.

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  1. you are only 30 minutes from the strip. The town is yours, enjoy!!!

    1. The security lines at McClellan can be very long....with only 3 1/2 hours between flights I woudln't risk trying to get to the strip. Along with security lines taxi lines can be very long - both at the airport and at hotels, especially if there's a big convention in town. Toss in strip traffic, and might not want to risk it if you're concerned at all about missing your ongoing flight.

      But if you do decide to, stick to something at Mandalay Bay or Hard Rock. Probably the easiest and quickest access from the airport. And check to see before you leave the airport if you're next flight is might gain a an extra hour or two with a delayed flight.

      At the airport itself I don't think there's much. We killed some time earlier this year at a Mexican place while we watched a ball game. Don't remember what it's called though...cold beer and the food was at least a step above Pizza Hut and Burger King. In one of the Southwest terminals.

      1. Well, 30 minutes might be accurate, or too long, or too short, depending on cab lines. The MGM is the closest decent Strip hotel to the airport. The Hard Rock isn't far either, although it's not on the Strip. Does that sound like something you'd be interested in doing? Sorry but can't help you with food in the airport.

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          I don't want to go through the security check a second time that day, so the only alternative is to remain in the secured part of the terminal. I've been several times to the Mexican place ziggylu referred to and was hoping that I could pass the time at another restaurant, dive, etc.I

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            Which gates? A,B,C,D?

            I fly out of the C gates so


            but D gates have more variety.

            1. re: septocaine_queen

              I will be flying Southwest but am willing to go to any part of the airport. (The responses so far have not been encouraging)

            2. re: jayjay

              I can't say I blame you. I find the food at that Mexican place to be pretty bad. The beer is cold however :-)

              Actually, I think for a city that attracts so many tourists Vegas does a horrible job with their airport. The taxi lines are long as someone mentioned, and disorganized. There is little food available other than fast food, and every restaurant I've ever eaten at there has been dirty (unbussed tables, stuff on the floors, etc). For that matter so are the restrooms.

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                They probably focus their efforts on the slots and poker machines! Last year I had a horrible experience at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (def. not Starbucks, don't think it was Peet's) in the Southwest terminal. Long, unmoving line, incompetent employees. Airport coffee places need to have their act very together. We usually drive, but on the odd occasion we fly, we end up spending too much time at McCarran because you never know whether it'll take five minutes or an hour to get through security.

          2. I found Wolfgang Puck Express in Terminal D to have acceptable drinks and food.

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            1. re: yellowmix

              Well, I made it through the five hour (not 3 1/2 hour) layover at the airport. I came prepared with vacuum sealed smoked salmon from Washington, fruit, good bread, etc. Unfortunately the airport still left much to be desired--there was no food court, so all the tables were inside the fast food joints. I resorted to balancing the food on my lap. Also, when I wanted some water, I found that there were no drinking fountains and you could not adjust the water temperature in the bathoom sinks

              In summary, I think the people who operate the airport would, if they could, paint over the windows, remove the chairs and add more slot machines. (Obviously just joking but serious about the rest.)

            2. I ate at the Winchell's Pub next to the rental car megaplex on my last visit in Vegas. Tried the crisply fried wings and rather liked them in combo with their seasonal hefeweizen. If you're into pub food, consider this place

              During your layover, you can take the free shuttle to the massive rental car terminal, and walk one lengthy block to Winchell's for a meal during your layover. The shuttles run frequently, and take maybe 5 minutes to/ from the terminal. Winchell's is also open 24/7 as a bonus.

              This was on a Friday night, and Winchell's had a roasted-whole-in-rock-salt prime rib special that I didn't get (would've been too much food). Has anyone tried the prime rib here? Is any good?