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Jan 21, 2008 05:33 PM

Ottawa recs...eating out with picky friend

Looking for some less expensive recomendations (mains preferably in the $20 range) for the weekend. I'll eat everything, but my friend is picky. No seafood. No red meat. No pubs. No "fancy" restaurants (hence, the request for cheaper recs -I would love to try Beckta, but it's not going to happen). Any ethnicity is ok, but there has to be a chicken or pasta/veggie option. We'll have access to a car, so location can be flexible.

Any Ottawa ex-pats out there? Anything you can't get in Toronto and look forward to when you go back?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Hey Butter,

    I have mentioned in the past Cafe Spiga is a good place to go to get a decent pasta dish and some great mains . . . They have some great wines and they also have a prix fixe menu that is very reasonable...It's not to "fancy" but has a nice ambiance at the same time


    1. A few suggestions for you, in no particular order:

      Ahora - great mexican food in a casual environment, in the Byward Market

      222 Lyon Tapas Bar or A'Roma Meze (Greek small plate)
      Both are downtown and would offer you some choices, while satisfying your friend's pickiness.

      The Works for gourmet burgers - several locations They do a wide variety of toppings and have veggie or chicken or turkey burgers, as well as beef.

      There are also numerous good Thai and Chinese restaurants in Ottawa.

      Good luck. Hope your friend appreciates your efforts!

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        Awww...I was just talking about The Works tonight! It is one must-go place when I go home. Another have-to is Pancho Villa (I used to live in 'Melrose Place' so it's a nostalgic visit), although I really truly, truly love it there during the summer on that awesome patio. What about Fratelli? I'd only recommend the Glebe location though.