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Jan 21, 2008 05:18 PM

Best breakfast/brunch in Vegas

I'm going to Vegas for my first time in late February. I'm planning dinners at Bouchon, B&B and maybes Lotus of Siam or Rosemary's.
My question is breakfast/brunch/lunch. I have read mixed things about Bellagio's Buffet, which I thought I would try. But now I'm not so sure
Can I get some recommendations for breakfast/brunch or lunch?

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  1. Bouchon is also nice for brunch. I went there a couple of times earlier this month and liked it.

    That is of course if you don't mind going there more than once.

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      I was torn about brunch vs. dinner. but I definitely don't want the same place for lunch as we're having dinner.

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        i've had both brunch and dinner at bouchon. i've also had brunch at the verandah at the four seasons. although bouchon offers a great brunch, i have to give the edge to the verandah - i thought it was slightly better.

    2. Verandah at the Four Seasons does a great brunch/breakfast.

      1. If you are going to be here on a Sunday, I would recommend Bally's Sterling Brunch buffet which is not the same as their regular buffet. They serve lobster, very good champagne, beef tenderloin, and have excellent service (for a buffet).

        Another good choice is Verandah especially if you get their hash. I slightly prefer Wynn to Bellagio for breakfast buffets and both have moved ahead of Paris which has gone to larger batches of food to shave costs.

        1. Another possibility is Tableau (at Wynn). Some of their better breakfast offerings: Kobe short ribs and eggs (a stacked, Benedict-like creation); poached eggs and duck hash. For lunch, I thought their Dungeness crab club sandwich was very good.