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Hot Sauce Shop?

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Anybody know of a store specializing in hot sauces, salsas, and the like in the LA area?

I have a friend visiting from Australia who cannot get enough of this stuff - on his last visit to the US, he went home with over 20 different bottles of sauces.

A web search came up with "Smith and Smith" in Ventura, but the phone is disconnected, and the links surprisingly (or perhaps not so surprisingly) go off to a porn site that spawns mutiple windows of their version of "hot." I'm guessing this store is no longer around, anybody know?

Thanks bunches!

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  1. I don't know the name, but it's in the Farmer's Market in Fairfax.

    1. There's one in the middle of the Farmers Market on 3rd and Fairfax called Light My Fire. It's a small store with hundreds of bottled hot sauces lined up along the walls ranked according to spiciness. An added bonus is that the Farmer's Market is a fun place to take out-of-towners for lunch too.

      There's a link to their online store from the Farmer's Market website, which I added below.

      Anyone know of places to get fresh, spicy salsa...?

      Link: http://www.hotsaucetogo.com/

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        I had fun brousing that site. My son likes REALLY hot spices/sauces. It will be fun to surprise him with some of these.

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          That's an excellent question!

          My boyfriend and I are total salsahounds (could live off of the stuff) and I would be interested in learning of some Chowhounds' favorites.

          As far as getting tubs o' the fresh stuff, like from a store, I don't really know... I haven't found anything fantastic in that category, though it has been a while since I've checked Bristol Farms, Whole Foods, and the like.

          I tend to think the best bet is to purchase from a restaurant. I am actually quite fond of the hotter salsas at Baja Fresh. (Yes, even though they are a chain.) I think you can get an 8oz. side of salsa for about $1.50.

          Also, I'd expect there are many tiny hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurants that make some really killer salsas. Any recommendations?

          If you are in West LA, you might check out Adobe's Mexican Grill (8647 S Sepulveda Blvd, Phone:   (310) 337-0432). Unfortunately, I don't really recommend the food, but they do have a salsa bar with an impressive array of salsas.

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            lonesome hobo

            Hi. Two places I would recommend. In the valley, in Northridge, Dos Arbolitos restaurant. Woodley and Nordhoff (about 1 minute west of the 405 take Nordhoff Street exit). This restaurant makes one of the best salsas I've ever had, very deep, very profound. In fact one time a couple of years ago (maybe 5) I took a bunch of this salsa to go to a foodie friends party in West LA, and one of the top food writer couples around (mentioned very frequently at this site) was there and liked it so much he has since reviewed Dos Arbolitos a couple of times. The place by the way makes a couple of dishes that are somewhat unique takes on regional cuisine as well...the chicken stewed with capers and many other things seems to be a big favorite as is their Albondigas (I'm vegetarian so this part is just hearsay from friends). Anyway, the other tip, on Brooklyn ave not far from downtown are some Mexican bakeries, deli's etc. that make and sell their own salsa from rather large vats (look like old wash tubs last time I was down there), with heat ranging from mild to extreme; needless to say they're all pretty good and you can tailor your choice to your own internal thermometer.

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              I know it sounds odd, but Smart and Final has a huge turnover and their salsa is always fresh. The medium hot and the mild are excellent. Of course, individual tastes may differ.

        2. Try the Farmers Market at third and Fairfax . There is a stand there with nothing but hot sauces . Happy hunting .

          1. There's also one in Shoreline Village in Long Beach.

            1. WOW! 4 responses within 25 minutes... where else can you get this kind of feedback so quickly? Chowhounds ROCK!

              1. For when your friend is back in Australia and can't make it to Farmers Market, tell him/her to check out Mo Hotta Mo Betta, a great mail-order spicy food shop--they say they take international orders. (Link below.)

                Link: http://www.mohotta.com/

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                  Richard Foss

                  There's a hot sauce shop in Redondo Beach - I'll try to drive by tonight and get the name.

                  1. Thanks for all the responses - my friend will be in hot sauce heaven!

                    I totally agree that "Chowhounds ROCK!"

                    1. The Farmers Market shop is terrific. If long travel & possible high temps are an issue, you may suggest he purchase some cooked hot sauces -- Panola's Louisiana pepper sauces are terrific, particularly in traditional Cajun recipes, & have long shelf lives. The purveyor can surely suggest others.

                      1. of course, the biggest selection I've seen is at the farmers martket stall. but bay cities groceries in santa monica on lincoln has a pretty good selection also.

                        1. In case your friend doesn't already have an opinion on this, I would warn against getting too many of the super-hot sauces that use extracts. A lot of them are expensive and taste terrible, so are only useful for the novelty... especially the original Dave's Insanity. The wretched katsupy taste of that will stop you long before the heat.

                          One of my favorite sauces is Tabasco Habanero. It has just enough heat, is not quite as vinegary as regular tabasco, and not as sickeningly sweet as a lot of the mango-based sauces. So don't pass this up just because it's from a mega-company. (And it's hard to find a better carrot-based sauce than Melinda's XXXX). Also the Iguana sauces tend to be pretty reliable.

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                            I just have to mention that Tabasco Habenero and Melinda's XXXX are my favorite hot sauces too!! Their great!

                            1. re: monique l.

                              I must hop aboard the bandwagon!
                              Marie Sharp's! It's from Belize and is hot with a touch of lime, garlic and salt. Yum!

                            2. re: C. Sprouse

                              Another Melinda's fan! The best place I've found it is at the Orleans Casino gift shop in Las Vegas. They have all the varieties for $2.40 a bottle, at least last time I went there to stock up (2 years ago). If you stay at the casino, you get giftshop coupons too which makes it even cheaper. I'll go there just for the sauce!


                            3. I second LBQT with the shop located in Shoreline Village in Long Beach. It has the wildest hot sauces, even ones where you are required to sign a !waiver! before purchasing the product. Must be for the one in the casket. Shoreline Village (FYI) is located at the end of the 710S Freeway in Long Beach. The village is on the right side of the street.

                              1. There is a hot sauce shop in the Farmers' Market on Fairfax. They carry nothing but hot sauce