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Late Night Dining in the East Bay?

A gastronomically inclined friend is coming up from LA for the Ryan Adams show next Sunday and was hoping to find something delicious after the show, 11-ish. Anything come to mind?


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  1. Bar Cesar is open until midnight, but not sure what time the kitchen closes. This post may have some ideas, http://www.chowhound.com/topics/311088

    Edited to add: note that the Berkeley performance at Zellerbach is on Monday.

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      Cesar's kitchens close at 11 Sun-Thurs, 11:30 Fri-Sat.

    2. Fonda is the common answer - kitchen until 12:30 7 days a week. For two, I always recommend sitting at the bar in the back overlooking the kitchen - especially recommended on a cold night.

      There's not much else open after 11 on a Sunday - chinatown's got a few things open, and Taiwan Restaurant, but that's not particularly festive.

      Cesar is great, but I'm fairly sure the kitchen likely closes earlier. The way I found Fonda, several years ago, was getting turned away from Cesar and asking where the staff goes after work. You might consider calling. Cesar is great.

      And who could forget - if you're driving to berkeley, Lanesplitter is on your way to 80. Nothing better for a few pints and some pizza to go with. We're talking thin crust and a hand pump cask.

      1. Diamo at pacific east mall in el cerrito / albany open up to 2a.m off from freeway 80 @ central ave

        1. Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe, corner of Park and Hollis in Emeryville is open until 1am
          every night. Decent burger, fish and chips, and tuna melt sort of place. Surprisingly
          delicious "Shakin' Jesse" milkshake concoction -- chocolate ice cream + espresso +
          guinness. It's part owned by the Green Day bass player, so it might fit in with your
          musical evening.

          1. Rudy Can't Fail might be the best bet. It won't blow him away but it won't freak him out either.

            Otherwise, New Gold Medal restaurant in Oakland Chinatown is open until 2 a.m., 3 a.m. on weekends. Very good/solid Cantonese food. Or perhaps Top Dog in Berkeley.

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              Rudy's is well executed diner food in a hipster context. Entrees are about $10, beer is new belgium + guiness, a selection of a few house wines.

              Fonda is small plates - duck tacos, sauteed sea scallops, lamb, and the like - and mixed drinks. Small plates are $10~12, and you'll want two or three each

              Completely different styles of places. Fonda is far more east bay special - there's plenty of other places like it (Cesar, A Cote, Wood Tavern, ...) just they aren't open late.

            2. Too bad A Cote is only opne till 10 on Sundays, or else it would be a great choice.

              And if were ANY day other than Sunday, Maritime East is open as well (although I haven't tried it, it's been getting mostly positive reviews here). It is closed on Mondays though.

              I'd second Bar Cesar, delicious food. However, if you want to get Chinese, Daimo is authentic and open late.

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                Daimo's my favorite Hong Kong-style Chinese place in the East Bay, and it's open till 3am seven days. Only really good food I know of in the wee hours. Quick two-or three-mile hop up the freeway from Gilman or University.

                Daimo Chinese Restaurant
                3288 Pierce St, Richmond, CA 94804

              2. Thanks to everyone for posting.

                And, yes, Melanie, you're right. I reread my friend's email to discover the show's not until Monday. He's getting in late on Sunday, not going to the show that night. Because of this, I realize I might be forced to drive to the EB just to see him that night (my Monday is completely booked, day and night). So, I'll have to choose wisely from the selections you guys came up with. Obviously, Cesar would be best. But probably closed when he gets in.



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                  Jupiter (great beer, salty pizza) is open until midnight sunday and 1am monday.
                  I wouldn't normally recommend it to someone "gastronomically inclined" except
                  that it's probably the most tolerable alternative within walking distance of a
                  late-night Zellerbach show. Pretty much beer and (salty) pizza only but in
                  a pleasant adult setting.

                2. Are any of the Korean places open past midnight these days?

                  Koryo used to be open till 2am daily, but I think now they close at midnight except on Fridays and Saturdays.

                  Korean Kitchen stayed open late, but she closed.