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Aug 6, 2001 04:26 AM

club dining

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Anybody have thoughts about the California, City, or Arena Clubs, or other private or semi-private clubs in LA? Would you recommend any on the strength of their kitchens?

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  1. I dined at the California Club a year ago. The food was generally fine, albeit quite old fashioned. There were no vegetarian entrées, and the service was not topnotch. The club rooms are splendid, high ceilinged and quiet. The view from the outside dining terrace is dramatic--downtown's handsomest edifices close enough to grab.

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      glenmore wong

      Many (5-10) years ago, I would never miss the chance for free lunches at the California Club. Food was consistently of very high quality, portions a little on the modest side. Worth at least one visit to this private club, a throw back to times past. It is a one of a kind place just like what you would expect to see in a Hollywood movie. During that same time frame I had similar lunches at the Jonathon Club but the food was more pedestrian and nondescript.