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Jan 21, 2008 04:54 PM

Angie Brown's in Mount Airy

Does anyone know if Angie Brown's is still open? We had a wonderful meal there a few years back, but it seemed like a place that would not be around for long.... incredibly empty for a weekend night. I have not heard anything about it at all lately and was wondering if they are still around. I hope so, it was a great little place.

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  1. It's gone and the building is for sale.

    1. I too enjoyed Angie Brown’s (and it is very closed). I could go there late for example and their collard greens would still have “bite” to them and weren’t limp. I like the “Taste of New Orleans” appetizer too. Angie Brown’s was also the only place that I’ve ever been to that had Dogfish Head’s 120 minute IPA (yes the 21% abv beer) on tap. I remember drinking ONE and requiring an immediate nap. To me it’s only problem was that it sort of had an identity crisis:
      Was it fine dining?
      Was it comfort food?
      Was it a live music venue?
      Was it a lounge/club?
      This lead to at times a clashing of clientele; some folks wanted a romantic dinner, others wanted to be more “comfortable” while dining, and while still others wanted to dance, etc. So you never knew what you were gonna get when you dropped by.

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        Ugh... I am so dissapointed! I really liked that place. But I completely agree with everything you said. I really hate to see good local restaurants fail!

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          Ambler Girl, I feel your pain. One night last year I met up with a friend at his office, he raved about this place he wanted to take me to. He knew the owners through friends and thought I would really like it. Well, after driving from Skippack to Mount Airy, we found the restaurant closed.

      2. We used to go there all the time when it was Goat Hollow. Food wasn't great but it was a very nice neighborhood hang out that was very busy. Tried to go to Angie Browns but we found the food and drinks awful and overpriced. Service was rude. Started going to McMennimen's instead. Not suprised it was empty and that its gone belly up.Personally glad to see it go. Have been told from many sources that this is the M.O. for the owner chef. I am suprised to read good reviews here. This is a first for me.