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Dim Sum ... Sunset Park or Flushing?

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My dad is coming to town and he loves to go for dim sum. Which nabe has best food and selection?

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  1. I just went with some people in Sunset Park...62nd and 6th ave..Great place....you will love it...

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        Yes SIr...great place...been there half a dozen times...

    1. Flushing has a good number of high quality dim sum restaurants--Ocean Jewels, Jade Asian, Gala Manor, Tung Yi Fung, East Buffet and East Manor to name some. Not to say that choices in Brooklyn aren't good, but I think Flushing has more and better alternatives.

      1. Pacificana, 55th and 8th, has a wonderful selection of Dim Sum 7 days a week until 3 PM.
        Search this board for previous threads.
        Can't comment on Flushing, but many enthusiastic reviews have been posted here.