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Jan 21, 2008 03:57 PM

Good Fresh Fish Market in San Fernando Valley

Are there any good places to buy seafood in the San Fernando Valley? Gelson's and Whole Foods are very unreliable. Both have sold me bad fish at high prices. Fish King in Glendale is okay, but it is a little hard to get to and it really is not exceptional. I'm shocked that a city this large that is ON THE OCEAN doesn't have good solid fresh seafood markets where you can trust the purveyor. PLEASE HELP! I need to be able to buy fresh fish.

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  1. You might want to try an Asian market like 99 Ranch Market. There's one in Van Nuys, they have a selection of live seafood and very fresh seafood you can get up close to and pick and choose your own. I'm hesitant to buy fresh seafood at any grocery store(high end or low) because I don't think they have enough turnover to provide seafood that's fresh.

    99 Ranch Market
    6450 Sepulveda Blvd
    Van Nuys, CA 91411
    (818) 988-7899

    I know its not the San Fernando Valley, but a Fillipino-American market called Seafood City at the Westfield Eagle Rock Plaza. Lots of fresh seafood thats fresh and on display so you can pick and choose your own.

    We may be near the ocean, but a lot of the seafood in Los Angeles isn't as local as you might think.

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      actually there's a new Seafood City on Roscoe close to the 405 in north hills in the SFV now

    2. People are going to chime in with Ranch 99. But other than the live stuff I have bought some marginal fish from them. As far as whole foods go I work on the westside so I buy from the whole foods on barrington much better quality than the one in BH or Sherman Oaks. I too would like a dependable purveyor of seafood.

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        Next door to the SFV is Fish King in Glendale.

      2. i'm surprised no one mentioned Santa Monica Seafood, on Colorado near 11th St, or maybe it's 14th. It's always busy, inexpensive and i always thought the fish was good, although I am not someone who knows anything about picking fish. I've bought a lot of fish there and it always seemed fine to me, but i don't know what would be a problem, it always is odor free and moist and looks like fish. I just checked their website. They have moved to Wilshire and 10th. They also have a store in Costa Mesa. I moved to the Valley 2 years ago so i haven't been back there, but FYI, if anyone wants to travel to get fish not in the Valley. I get it at Whole Foods now, but am not happy with the prices.

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          Nobody mentioned Santa Monica Seafood, because it is not in the San Fernando Valley and the OP specifically asked about that.

          A while ago, there were some recommendations for some fish places in the Woodland Hills/Calabassas area. I don't know if they are still open.