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Jan 21, 2008 03:56 PM

Maria Maria in Walnut Creek a mini-review

This is the old Cantina restaurant that the Duda group took over. Had lunch and was underwhelmed. I thought the food was very pricey, $15 for a chicken mole tortilla casserole , nothing else included, enchiladas were $13 again nothing else came with it. The menu is heavy on seafood, a good thing. The food was good, not memorable; service was so so, the waitress was pleasant , but water glasses were never refilled (no one ever came by to even ask)

The margueritas were very sweet and low on the lime taste. On the small side for the $$$

Lunch with 2 entrees, 1 guacamole, 1 virgin Marguerite and 1 real marguerite was $54...

Maria Maria Restaurant
1470 N. Broadway, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

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  1. I ate here last night for the first time. I had high hopes from a Diablo Magazine article that postulated this place might give Dona Tomas a run for its money. However, my hopes were tempered by the above review. In sum, it is nothing like or near Dona Tomas, not "Chow worthy," and not worth a second try IMHO.

    The place was reasonably busy for a Wednesday night. Service was amateurish, somewhat like what you'd expect at a Chevy's. When the two of us sat at four top the two extra setups remained in place until much later in the meal. When I asked for a margaritta made with one of their listed tequila's the server asked if that was a tequila. The two virgin margaritas ordered were billed as regular ones ($8!). No eggregious service errors, just a bunch of little things.

    The house margarita was ok and a little sweet as noted above even though I asked for it not to be. The second one was not too sweet as I reiterated my request, but then they under did it. The selection of tequilas seemed pretty limited to the usual suspects, something like 6-8 blancos and resposados. Given this I was surpised at how may reserve tequila's they had at $$$$.

    Chips and salsa were delivered. There were three salsas (mild, med, and hot). The mild was ok and chunks of canned tomato could be seen in it. It had a decent flavor but had the quality of a jarred salsa. The medium was a fire roasted chipotle that was fairly tasty and spicy. The hot was a green salsa that was not much spicier than the medium and was the most tasty of the three.

    My wife had the shrimp tacos. Three good sized tacos came on the LARGE plate. The shrimp were lightly battered and fried. They were topped with lettuce, tomato, avocado, pico de gallo, and a chipotle cream. They were... well... shrimp tacos. They were tasty enough.

    I had the crab enchiladas. I can't really rember the details even less than 24 hrs later. They were edible, but not particulalry tasty. We also has a side of corn pudding that was tasty.

    As we sat in front of our half eaten dinners my wife and I summed up the place in that as we sat with food left on our plates nothing was good enough to keep eating once our base hunger had been sated. I'm really bummed this place isn't better.

    Two entrees, two margs, two virgin margs, and a side = $81 including tax and 15% tip.

    And now to add salt to my wound, I see they listed my opentable reservation as a no show...