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Jan 21, 2008 03:29 PM

Mt Rushmore area good eats? [Moved from Elsewhere in America board]

Any recommendations for places to eat in the Mt Rushmore area, also the Black Hills, Rapid City and anywhere between Yellowstone and the Denver airport? Would love to hear from those who have been there! Thanks so much...we're not going till summer 2008, in case some places are seasonal.

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  1. Hi-

    Please post a query about the Colorado leg of your trip on the Southwest board.


    1. Alpine Inn in Hill City has a great filet, It's the only thing on the menu but people line up for it.

      1. Be sure to check out the Corn Exchange in Rapid City. It is wonderful local flavor and well executed given the location. There are a few chowhound threads in this board about Rapid City that may give you other ideas too.

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          Seconded! I had a great dinner here when I was in town over the summer.

        2. In Custer State Park you can eat at the lodge that was the summer White House for Presdient Coolidge. The food is very nice. The atmosphere looks like you are underdressed if you are in tourist clothes, but once inside we felt quite welcome.

          1. When we went to Rushmore in 2003, I believe the restaurant we ate at in Keystone was Creekside Dining--it had outdoor seating and a huge chair outside. I remember the food being the best we had eaten in South Dakota--we were a large party and everyone, including kids, was happy. The salad I had was good mixed greens, not iceberg. We ate outside, and got a great view of the mountain after dark, lit up.

            We also did the buffalo burger thing on the grounds of Custer State Park, and that was fun. Otherwise, we cooked at our campsite (outside of Custer).

            On the way there, we had dinner at a Mexican place, Cactus Cafe, in Wall. Not a good dinner.

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              We had a very decent meal and very good beer at the Firehouse Brewing Co. in Rapid City, right down the street from the Corn Exchange.


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                We ate here too...I just couldn't remember the name earlier. It was excellent and a very fun casual atmosphere. Also ate at the lodge in Custer State Park. I'd say that it was decent but not as good as the Firehouse or Corn Exchange. However given your options if you're in that area, it's not a bad choice.