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Jan 21, 2008 03:16 PM

Report on Casa Brusco in Eastchester

Went for lunch today at Casa Brusco, new Eastchester Northern Italian restaurant (219 Main Street). We ordered two spinach salads, a pasta fagiole soup, gnocchi with wild mushroom ragu and fontina, pappardelle w/ duck ragu and brick oven pizza w/ prosciutto. The salads were OK, pretty boring actually. The soup was solidly good. My aunt's gnocchi were the most interesting and delicious dish, the gnocchi tender and fluffy. The pappardelle were OK, but they wouldn't rock anyone's world. And my pizza was a disaster: soggy crust, too much sauce that was too sour, and pre-grated pizza cheese they didn't melt all the way through. Prosciutto didn't look like like proschiutto, it was thick cuts of meat that tasted off. To be fair, when I complained about the pizza they apologized and even took it off out bill. Service was good, if a little on the scattered side (which is to be expected in a new restaurant). We paid $90 for the three of use, including a glass of wine and tip. All in all, I think I'll be back, maybe at dinner to give it another chance.

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