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Jan 21, 2008 03:05 PM

Vegetarian fixed price menu

We are looking for a nice place to go for a dinner on Thursday and was curious if anyone had a recommendation for a restaurant that does a food/wine pairing for a multi-course meal. We have enjoyed the following places, but were curious if there is one we've missed.

Restaurant Jezebel


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  1. i LOVE those restaurants, except for Zoot... Jeffrey's does a vegetarian set menu as well (you have to ask for it), but i wasn't really impressed. My all-time favorite is still the vegetarian set menu with wine pairing at Wink. and i'm going there in a couple of weeks, so i'm REALLY excited! ;)

    Hudson's on the Bend does a tasting menu, but i somehow doubt they'd have a vegetarian version (although lately they HAVE had one token vegetarian entree on the menu)...