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Jan 21, 2008 02:59 PM

bhut jolokia peppers in austin?

Does anybody know where I could find some fresh bhut jolokia peppers in or around Austin? These are the 1 million scoville, melt-your-face-and-make-you-cry-blood hot peppers. I'd also be interested in information about where to get red savina in case I can't find any bhut jolokia.


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  1. Wow, someone like me that likes painfully hot food! We've got to hook up on one of my next trips to Austin. I don't think you will find it yet in Austin. I was there last week and was talking to the owner of Tears of Joy. He doesn't have any product yet, but does have some seeds that he is growing this year. I bought some driede off the Internet and it's awesome! It's not cheap, but it is freaking hot. Check this out:

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      I ordered a live Bhut Jolokia plant from Hirt's Gardens early this summer. After some TLC and a long wait, my 12-15 green pepper pods have started to turn deep-red. My god these peppers are fiendishly blistering! I have tried some crazy-insano hot sauces before, but still had nothing that compares to a fresh Ghost Pepper!!! I believe I ordered my plant from Hirt's Gardens via E-bay; you can get them through Amazon as well.