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Aug 4, 2001 11:36 PM

Lunaria - Thanks Bob!

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We finally tried Lunaria tonight. I've driven by it a zillon times but a post here and a thread on la.eats got me thinking I needed to go. Another incentive was that I would get 20% with idine.

I am so glad we finally went. Everything about it was delightful. What impressed me the most was the service. The host was charming and our wait person was attentive and friendly as where her servers.

We started with the smoked Salmon tart which was excellent and a a crab and shrimp cake that was nice too. I had an ahi tuna with a tomato coulis and my husband had some braised veal that was tender and flavorful. We had gorgeous and tasty desserts (a carmelized banana tart for me and espesso profiteroles for him). The total bill with tax was $85. Not too bad for such a fine meal.

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  1. Isn't it a shame that such a great, affordable restaurant does not fill up every night when so many mediocre places pack them in. I guess it is the Lemming effect. The only plus that comes from this situation is that you can get an 8:00 table on a Saturday night with only 30 minutes notice. For such a fine place, that is a so unfair.

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      I agree completely! But I have to say, if I hadn't gone along with people who knew it, I never would have thought to go there either. I have thought about it, and I think that the dated building and red neon scrpt signage, and the fact that it seems so closed off from the street (and one where people go by at 45 miles an hour), are real contributors to the problem. The exterior gives no clue that there's a very spacious, relaxed, and nicely & tastefully decorated room inside.

      I had NO idea what kind of place it was, after driving by for years!

      So if that's stopping anyone else, it's excellent, go!