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Riley Mcdermotts

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Anybody been to this new restaurant on Las Olas in Ft. Lauderdale. The menu looks great but would like input from someone who's tried it. Thanks.

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  1. Are they open? If so I'll give it a try on Friday and post a review. Hopefully its better then Zucca, whom was previously there (and horrible).

    1. It is still not open, but the soft opening will be this Tuesday, open to the public on Thursday Jan 24, 2008.

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          No Emeril doesn't own Riley McDermott's.

          Emeril Lagasse's nephew Jason Cotter is the general manager at Riley McDermott's

          The Chef de Cuisine at Riley McDermott's, Armando Galeas, previously was an executive Sous Chef at Emeril's orlando.

        2. They are up on opentable.com now for reservations, still no lunch though

          1. Went by there yesterday. They are not opening to the public until tomorrow (Friday) night. The restaurant is beautiful. Nothing like it in Ft. Lauderdale. I can't wait to experience it. If the food is 1/2 as spectacular as the restaurant they are going to be a HIT!

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              We were there a few nights ago and had a great time! We had some of the specialty drinks at the bar and they served these fantastic truffle potato chips. They are not cheap drinks but they were unique and very good and not cloyingly sweet. I hate sweet drinks!

              Then we sat outside and ordered the crab cake, spinach salad, the burratta mozzarella appetizer, and the wet-aged filet mignon - bone in.

              It was all delicious. I don't believe that the burratta mozz app was really burratta, though. I think it was regular fresh mozz, but it tasted good nonetheless.

              We ordered dessert (Fire & Ice Duo) to go because we were full and tired from all the partying. They kept our keys for us and we hailed a cab home. The ice cream on the dessert had melted, but that's what happens when you drink too much and order desserts (with ice cream) to go LOL. It was still wonderful the next day though!

              No biggie, we had a wonderful celebration and will definitely go back.

            2. Wow, I hate to be a dissenter but......my husband and I went last night Monday-President's Day) and really thought the food and service were sub par. We started with the beet carpaccio and arugula salad which was good but too much sherrry vinagrette and the boston bibb wedge which was just average. Then ordered the chef's selection of lemon sole which honestly tasted like "airline food". It came smothered with peas and was described very differently on the menu. My husband had the New Orleans style rib roast which he really didn't care for. He described it as bland. We finished off with the banana's foster crepes which were too sweet and simpy lackluster, however, the cinnamon ice cream was good! I will say that the space is beautiful is a sleek and stylish way. There is a nice bar lit with blue neon and the walls are lined with charcoal slate giving the restaurant and modern and upscale feeling. Nevertheless, we would not return anytime soon because of the mediocre food. Moreover, our waitress was very unenthusiastic and unpolished. She couldn't come up with any raves when we asked for her entree suggestions. After eating there, I can see why! Also, when my husband finished his salad, a bus boy quickly came over to clear his plate while I was still far from finished with my appetizer. This is something that I abhor in a fine restaurant. No coffee was ever offered. We left enamored with the decor but feeling deprived of good cuisine and service.....

              1. I like Riley McDermott's a lot but I wouldn't really say its better than Prime 112... Prime 112 has so much more of a varied menu than Riley's does (their menu is almost twice as big). Personally I find the food much better at 112, especially the non-steak items.

                1. Beautiful place, but as for the food mediocre at best. Great for a drink , then go to Johnny's or Mark's for dinner.

                  1. My girlfriend and I ate here last night for an early dinner. We both hail from the F&B/Hospitality industry, so we are always very careful to take detailed notes of each experience at a new place. We were immediately impressed with the location, even more so with the layout and ambiance. We were admittedly early and ahead of any crowd, so I can't comment on how well things are orchestrated during peak; we were very impressed with the service we received ranging from the attentive and welcoming hostess (who called us by name as we entered the restaurant) to our Sommelier. Every attention was paid to detail, which was not lost on us - when I moved to pick up the wine and pour myself a fresh glass, waitstaff immediately stepped in and gracefully finished my pour. After a brief and enjoyable exchange with the Sommelier (Carlos) we ordered what turned out to be a wonderful bottle of Cabernet, and enjoyed a dozen chef's choice oysters and were partial to the Kumimotos, but all were excellent and very fresh. We also enjoyed a bowl of the Seafood Gumbo (served over rice tableside). Our entrees (Wagyu steak for me, Opah for her) were both cooked to perfection and superb. We finished with the creme brule trio (raspberry, coconut and banana) which was delightful. Believe me, if we had experienced anything negative I would not hesitate to report it... but we simply had an amazing dining experience and will quickly return. Two thumbs way up.

                    1. This place is laughable. The fun part is the pretentiousness and arrogance that surrounds this place. I am not quite sure if it is the owners Bentley illegally parked right there for all to see on the side street next door, or the guys in suites who try to display their Replica Rolexes at the bar without inching over so someone else can order a drink, then want to fight you if you tap into them a bit accidentally. I am not concerned, I am 6'4" and an ex football player and my Rolex is real.

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                        I agree. Overrated and over-priced. Food is over-sauced and the service is bad. The menu said all the fish is flown in from Hawaii - is it just me or does that seem crazy...we live in Florida, for goodness sake. Surely there are some local fish available.

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                          Unfortunately it seems to have gone downhill since it initially opened. At first I was impressed with the service and food but now neither are what they should be for the prices you pay. The other day I went there for lunch with some friends, they sat us down and didn't give us any menus or take our drink order for about 15 minutes at least... totally unacceptable when people are on a lunch break.