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Jan 21, 2008 02:09 PM

Baby Shower Brunch in Baltimore

Need a good rec for a Baby Shower Brunch spot in Baltimore. My wife would love to have a private room and the option to order from the menu for the guests. We're trying to keep it budget conscious, so let's shoot for $15/person or less. Preferably less....


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  1. Teavolve in Fell's Point does afternoon tea baby showers. I think it might be a little more than $15/per person but check out their website

    1. Joey Chiu (off 83, but not downtown) is a great place for showers (baby & bridal), they frequent them. Nice food options & room. It is generally not part of the restaurant brunch (not buffet)

      1. Check out Southern Accents tea room in Fells Point

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          helen's garden in canton. good peoples.

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            Not sure Helen's would be able to meet that price though, but I could be wrong.