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Jan 21, 2008 01:40 PM

Pizza delivery in Jamaica Plain: Mission Impossible?

With Super Bowl coming up, I'm looking for a good pizza place that delivers in JP. We tried Zesto's during the game yesterday, and it was sort of sorry. Neither Pizza Hut nor Domino's delivers to 02130. I don't think there is an Uncle John's around. Does *anyone* have a suggestion? Hard to believe I'm living in a city where I can't get a decent pizza delivered, so I hope I'm just overlooking some good places. Thanks for any pizza tips.

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  1. I think your best bet is to walk/drive down to Dogwood Cafe for good JP pizza. Get it well-done / extra crisp if you like your crust on the crispier side. They don't deliver though.

    For delivery, I'd go with either Same Old Place, or Planet Pizza, both on Centre Street. Same Old Place is much better if you pick it up yourself, but they do deliver.

    There's also JP House of Pizza (haven't tried it), Forest Hills Pizza (decent), and a couple of others.

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      i second the dogwood cafe rec.--one of our favorite pizzas in boston. we prefer it regular, not well-done, but ymmv.

      we also like bella luna's pizzas, but i don't think they deliver either.

      both of these places are, in my opinion, waaaay better than the chain places which thankfully have not invaded jp yet.

      some people like brescia's, up in hyde sq.; i've only had one very small sample, so can't comment. same old place is great for slices, but people report that their whole pies are mysteriously not as good as their slices. (zesto's is probably a 10 second walk from our apt, but we haven't been in years.)

    2. Not that I promote ordering from there, the Roxbury Crossing Dominos delivers to JP.

      1. Ideal Pizza delivers, it's Greek style tho.

        1. Bella Luna does deliver, and it's delicious

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            oops--thanks for the correction!

          2. Penguin Pizza delivers to Jamaica Plain.