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Jan 21, 2008 01:37 PM

jasper's at lunch

Our family went to Jasper's yesterday for lunch. Wow where do I start. I have heard for years how great this place is and for some reason have just never gone. We were seated quickly and the waiter very professional took our drink order. We just ordered tea and coffee that arrived quickly. We then ordered the famous maytag blue potato chips. What a huge dissappointment. They arrived cold soggy and way over cooked. So for the meal we ordered my daughter the mac and cheese. This is not mac and cheese, this is a pasta dish with smoked ham pasta pearl onions (whole) and smoked Gouda. It was ok but we were so underwhelmed after hearing all the raves about this dish. My daughter by the way took two bites and would,t eat anymore.I ordered the side dish of wilted spinach and the warm potato salad. I was still trying to get that potato fix, well the warm potato salad is the same dish as the maytag potato chips. The only difference is the potato's are cubes and probably roasted. Again almost burned and tasted so bad we couldn,t eat them. When we mentioned this to the waiter he suggested that we try the broccoli and cauliflower the next time we come in. The Spinach was good garnished with fried shallots the potato salad also garnished with fried onion rings. My husband had the French dip. This was nothing special, also garnished with fried onion rings. Nothing even looked appealing. Did I mention that it took 1/2 hour before our potato chips arrived and also an additional 45 min. after that our main order arrived. The place was not busy just very slow. We did order dessert as the food was so bad my daughter and I felt like we hadn't had lunch. I had the cream burlee which was ok but much more like a flan than a cream burlee, and my daughter had the ice cream sandwich this was really good. The bill came to $ 80.00 plus tip. Over all this was a terrible dining experience way over priced and the potato dishes were so bad we couldn't even eat them. Was this just a bad day at jasper's or should we try it again?

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  1. I've been to Jasper's a few times....thought it ranged from good to very good, but not really ever great. Haven't really had a bad experience there though.

    Did it REALLY take 30 minutes for the chips to come? And another 45 for the mains? I'm not calling you a liar, but I find it hard to believe that some fried chips and goo took that long...are you sure you aren't exaggerating because you are angry? Like I said, I've eaten there (even did a shift in the kitchen like 3 years ago) and I can't imagine that the chips would take that long. I can't fathom even staying and continuing to order food if it took that long to come out at lunchtime. You're running into almost 2 hours for lunch if that is true.

    Sorry you had a bad experience though. Like I said, I've been there several times, but not in a couple of years. The company is expanding and when that happens very often quality of the flagship suffers quite a bit.

    Next time, if I may make a suggestion, TELL the server or the manager about it. If your chips are cold, soggy and burnt, tell them, and then they will most likely fix it. At the very least, you will get some hot, crispy chips. They will probably VIP your table and work their best to make sure the rest of the meal is as good as it can be. Nip it in the bud--I can tell you from experience of working in the industry for many years that we want the opportunity to fix the mistakes...but we can't do that if we don't know.

    I would give them another shot though...maybe for dinner or again for lunch. Not a "top" restaurant, but certainly good and worthy of another chance, IMO.

    1. I've eaten at Jasper's several times for lunch. It's always been a pretty good experience.

      I have had those blue cheese potato chips and they are never cold or soggy. I would definitely have sent them back if that had been the case.

      Other items which were delicious were the calamari, the three cheese focaccia, chicken and spinach salad, and almond crusted trout. Also their daily business lunch is usually pretty good.

      I have never experienced a problem with a long wait or delay, so maybe that was an off day.

      Why do you say the mac and cheese wasn't mac and cheese because it had pasta and gouda? Macaroni is pasta and gouda is cheese. It did have ham in it but that's on the menu, so not sure why that was a surprise?

      I think the only dessert I have had is the vanilla dessert toast and this was very tasty.

      $80 really isn't that much for three people who order appetizers, entrees and sides, and dessert, especially at a nice place. We often spend less but that's when we just go to Chili's.

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        Please tell me -- WHICH Jasper's did you eat in? Plano? Woodlands? Austin?

        I have to agree with thedoorchick -- "mac and cheese" mentions gouda and country ham on the menu. That should probably be a clue that its not coming from a blue box. I don't know how old your daughter is (6? 20?) but a kid expecting something orange with elbow macaroni is definitely going to be disappointed.

        I've eaten at the Jasper's in The Woodlands more times than I can remember and it is my clients' favorite place to go when I am there. Ive never tried those Maytag Bleu Chips (seems like an over-the-top indulgence when Im alone, and no one else I dine with likes it) but this is not the first place I've read that this dish is (occasionally) served badly

      2. I frequent Jaspers for lunch any time I can create an excuse to drive to Plano in the middle of the day. On the rare occasions when something has come out of the kitchen that wasn't right (i.e. chips weren't hot, bread toasted after requesting it not be), the dish has been quickly remedied.

        One word concern or complaint to either a server or manager has always resulted in an immediate effort to make my experience perfect.

        I do not believe Jaspers' limited expansion (2 units) has had any impact on either the food or service at the Plano location. As for the potato dishes, though the chips (due to their design) run the risk of getting a bit soggy (never happened to me), the potato salad has consistently been my absolute favorite in town.

        Finally, I believe the "mac and cheese" is listed on the menu as "Aged Gouda Mac & Cheese with Cured Ham." ...probably shouldn't have been any surprises there.

        If I were you, I'd contact Dennis Egert, the General Manager at 469.229.9111 and tell him about your experience. This group of people geniunely want to hear their guests' concerns. Then give it another shot.

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          My parents do not like this restaurant very much either, but I just don't get it...Everything I have ever tried is absolutely delicious..LOVE the potato salad, ribs are great, etc...Love the desserts...hmm...to each his own I guess....

        2. I know it sound unbeleivable, but yes it was a full 1/2 hour before we were served the soggy potato chips and 45 min. later before our other food arrived. As mentioned in my post I did complain to the waiter and he just blew me off and said you should try the broccoli next time.
          This is the Plano location. and yes the menu did describe the pasta dish, but it didn't even have elbow pasta, my point is this is a pasta dish not mac and cheese.

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            Umm, you do realize macaroni is pasta right?