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Bris in Boston area.... maybe

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So, I'm preggo with twins, and there's good odds that one of the critters inside of me is male. I don't know for sure, but im not really ready to find out yet either...

If thats the case, I want the Bris catered... i don't want my family to cater it! (We're all awesome cooks, but, in this situation, i just don't think i want to take this on)

Does anyone have any reccomendations other than Andrews? What's the story with Sweetberry? (at the JCC in Newton). I heard a rumor that Sweetberry is closing. Nothing fancy -- Brunchy dairy food, bagels, some salads, pastries, fruit etc... Forget about Gordon and Alperin... I'm not a fan....plus, it is meat. Must be chowish.... I'm not a big fan of Butcherie either.


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  1. I'd recommend you look at

    It has a ton of listings and info.

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      thanks, but thats not very helpful... I'm looking for recommendations based on first hand experiences...

    2. B'shaa tovah. Funny, I have a friend in Brookline who's pregnant with twins. When are you due? Maybe you can coordinate your bris catering. :-)