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Jan 21, 2008 01:29 PM

Sausages in Sacramento?

I am in search of both restaurants that offer really tasty sausages and markets that sell them to take home, like Corti Brothers. Who does sausage best? Are there good German places I need to see? Italian? Portuguese? Even Chinese or Southeast Asian?

What say you?

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  1. Try Morant's for sausages that you can take home and cook. I think they are the best in town.

    1. In addition to Morant's, Nugget Market makes very good homemade sausages, including some more exotic flavors.

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        I noticed today that the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op also sells fresh sausage in their meat case. Some of the flavors looked good, and I am sure they use natural ingredients in them.

      2. There is the German market at Auburn Blvd and Manzanita.

        Alos I might try Dominick's Deli in Granite Bay at Auburn Folsom and Douglas...

        1. The Orangevale Meat Shoppe makes really good homemade sausages. They have fresh and frozen sausages of all kinds. I love the bratwurst.

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            That German deli on Auburn is under new beer or wine anymore...they are waiting for a license...and much LESS product, in both the deli case and the store, in general. I was there today. Pretty disappointing. The tall, blonde German woman is no longer there, either. She was such a hoot to talk with.