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Jan 21, 2008 01:09 PM

don jose mexican food

I was out of town and went over to Don jose and found out they closed. Does anyone know what happened? I have been going there for over 30 yrs. I'm really upset because there food was very good and inexpensive. If anyone knows I would appreciate it. Thanks

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  1. I believe the owners retired from the business. Their last day was sometime late last month.

    1. I posted about it right before it closed to let everyone know. The last day it was open was Christmas Eve. I was there the last three days it was open, and everyday there was an hour plus wait.

      Like hohokam said, they retired. It was all family operated, so there was no one to take over. I had eaten there almost every Sunday for the last three years (since I moved back to the Arcadia area).

      There was a sign up list for the recipes or something that my gf added her name and number to. When she hears from them i will post something.

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        Thanks so much for the info.I am really going to miss there food. I just found this website and I love it! If you get any of the recipes that would be great if you post them.

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          There is a whole other section on Recipes, and a Home Cooking discussion board. I suspect that any recipe posted here, would get moved by the moderators.

      2. Hello all! I too have partonized Don Jose's since its opening and will miss it greatly. I was wondering if anyone had heard from them since they closed? I signed their call book so I could get some taco sause etc. but haven't heard from them. Does anyone have any idea on how to duplicate their taco sause recipe???? I would love to try and duplicate it! I miss my weekly trip to Joe's.

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          We haven't heard anything since either.

          I'll include a pic to water the mouth though.

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            I never saw a reply that someone actually was able to get the Don Jose hot sauce recipe. I really really need that recipe. I grew up going to Dan Jose every Sunday with my parents after church and it would be greatest to have their Hot Sauce with some thin chips and shredded cheese.

            Don Jose's
            9881 W Bell Rd, Sun City, AZ 85351

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              Have you had any contact with the family or found any of the recipe's? I'm 28 now and have been going to Don Jose's since I was a baby. Don Jose's had the best Hot Sauce!! I've been trying to duplicate it for the last 2 years since it closed and have had no luck! After 2 years I still crave the hot sauce and really need to find out how to make it myself. Has anyone had any luck??

            2. i drove by the other day and there was a sign that said Don Jose was re-opening - anyone have any additional information?

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                The county issued a new permit in the last 10 days, but, there is no record of any inspections, yet.
                DON JOSE MEXICAN FOOD, 3734 E THOMAS RD, PHOENIX, 85018

                1. re: johnseberg

                  Great News..... I skpped/found the original owner and spoke with him briefly on the phone in early November. He did confirm they are reopening soon. He stated that it would be within 30-days, (and that was about 30-days ago). The phone number listed in the directory (602) 955-7870 has just been ringing with no voice mail or answer. But it is a definate and you can best believe I will be there immediately following to get my red burrito enchilada style with rice AND beans for under $7.00. I too have been going there with my parents for over 30+ years and not only is the food great, so is this blessed family. Enjoy, until we "eat again". :)

                  1. re: chendrix1

                    I wouldn't be surprised if Don Jose opened in the next week or two. They are pretty good about updating their facebook page, and they will post an exact date when it is known.