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any reports on Little Dom's yet?

Anything really good? Is the service OK? Have they already started the $5 pizzas on Mondays?

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  1. i'd like to hear what you guys have to say about this place as well. I might just drop by soon as I live in the neighborhood.

    1. I'm curious too, they've been so low key.
      We called for a last min. res. on Sat. Pm at 7Pm, but they were booked up.
      Anyone else ??

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        typical...so low key that you can't even get in.
        What's the saying -- it's so popular that no one goes there?

      2. i had take out. italian wedding soup and baked rigatoni with sausage. the wedding soup was just o.k. - lots of escarole which is great, and it seemed fresh, but overall the soup had little to no flavor at all. even the meatballs were spongy and tasteless. almost like no one tasted it while cooking it. the baked rigatoni was just ok too. i thought the sausage was nice, but there was no tomato sauce at all in the dish. huh? is it just me or wouldn't one assume 'baked rigatoni with sausage' would have a little tomato in it? all in all i give it a 6/10. maybe the pizza is the way to go.

        1. I noticed they have a website [nothing on it yet] which wasn't there last week:


          When they are open for breakfast, I'm there ...

          1. four of us went there last night without a reservation and were seated immediately. the restaurant was full, and i liked the decor. the service was friendly, although the servers kept giving us the wrong plates, but that wasn't a huge bother to us especially being new. the chickpea fries with fontina fonduta were interesting but just ok. the mushroom pappadrelle was alright, not amazing and not really memorable. my friends were similarly fine with the food, but i wouldn't go out of my way to go there again. it is nice to have a new place to go to in the neighborhood. i'll probably try to go there again once they have their breakfast and lunch service open, and to try the $5 pizza night.

            1. have had two good meals there:
              - chickpea fries: good with a nice sauce
              - fried artichoke and shrimp with mint caper pesto sauce: excellent
              - arancini (rice balls): exceptional, best i've had in L.A.
              - tuna crudo: okay, great beans, good quality oil, actual tuna may be pre-cut
              - roasted beets: great, ordered twice in a row
              - burger: good, bread to meat ratio a little high, cooked perfectly
              - mushroom papparadelle: contrary to another poster, ours had very good flavor, but there was a little porcini sand in about five bites
              - whitefish piccatta - perfectly cooked, nice balance of acidity
              - grilled striped bass - perfectly cooked, cavolo nero was a bit salty, but was probably meant to be consumed with the fish and not alone in which case it was fine
              - butternut squash: very good if not a tad sweet, good spices though
              - brussel sprouts: perfectly cooked and tasty
              - pizza with speck, proscuitto and arugala: more of an oblong french pizza, very thin crust that just slayed me, my favorite thing there, wouldn't advise pizza to go for it to be at its best

              1. We tried to go for $5 pizza Monday, sans reservations. Needless to say, bad idea. The wait was 1 and 1/2. Looked very NYC and smelled good. Will make reservations for next Monday.

                1. We went the other night, it was super full and we waited quite a while even with a reservation. But the rush seems to come around 7:30-8, if you go earlier or later it probably won't be as bad. Great decor, very cozy, noise level wasn't too bad even at capacity. Patrons are a half and half mix of older longtime Los Felizeans and youngish men with rampant facial hair, amusing caps and winsome dates.
                  Despite the presence of ingredients like arugula and burrata, it's not haute Italian -- it's more like the kind of oldtime joint you'd love to come across while visiting your relatives in Joisey. My bf loved his meatball/mozzarella sandwich which came with salad or potatoes, and I was happy with my kind of greasy but addictive fried artichokes and shrimp and beet and burrata salad. All in all, a fun place with plenty of satisfying dishes, but like every other new place in L.A., a little pricey to be in our standard rotation.

                  1. Thought it wouldn't be busy for a tuesday night and walked in with a party of 4. Wrong! The hostess informed us the wait would be an hour. She was right on the dot! We didn't mind the wait. Got some wine and people watched. Great atmosphere. Interesting mix of clientele. Staff was nice and knowledgeable. Food was great. Buratta salad and pizza was a great start. My friends got the hangar steak and the white fish. They both loved it. Home made sausage pasta was a hit! Personally, not too crazy about my friend's ravioli nuddi. We made reservations for the following week. I can't wait to go back and have recommended to all my friends to try...