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Jan 21, 2008 12:40 PM

Luke lunch review

Four diners. Three had the burger, one the" lunch express.". Lunch Express is a cup of soup (corn/crab bisque) and the daily special (cassoulet). Burgers were huge, all cooked as ordered. They came on a toasted onion bun with Ementellier (sp), carmelized onions, lettuce, tomato and 2 slices of the best bacon I've ever had. The burger was very good. IMO 2nd to POC (this reference is to beef flavor). The burgers came with a cup of standard shoestring fries. The corn/crab bisque was bland. The cassoulet was dry. White beans with a crumb topping, served with duck leg confit, pork sausage, and a small tasty piece of pork belly. Service was a bit slow, but pleasant. One cocktail, and teas, $80 pre tip. They don't validate. We opted for parking in the lot directly across from the Hilton.

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  1. i had dinner here left a lot to be desired............. and for pete's sake will someone please dim the freaking lights in the place..??????

    1. I work next door and have had similar lunch experiences. Service is generally so-so, but the burgers and fries are spot on. Dinner, however, is a different story. After the second bad experience, we have written it off for dinner. I'll still pop over with clients for lunch, but expect more from Besh.