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Jan 21, 2008 12:31 PM

Looking for restaurant suggestions.

I will be returning to the FQ in March for the third time. I already know about 1/2 of the restaurants I want to visit, but looking for other suggestions. I am looking for inexpensive, good food within the quarter. We will not have a car and refuse to spend a lot at high end restaurants. Based off where we are dead set on going, can any one offer other suggestions?
1. Port of Call
2. Cafe Maspero
3. The Gumbo Shop (I wasn't impressed but my husband loved the non-seafood gumbo).
4. Central Grocery for Muffalettas
5. Cafe Oceana (I loved the BBQ shrimp here)

Two places I thought we may visit are Napolean House and Coop's, we we have never been to either.

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  1. Never heard of Cafe Oceana? hmm, inexpensive in the FQ:
    --Bennachin for west African food (Royal Street, 1000 block, I think)
    --Clover Grill (Bourbon, diner food with attitude)
    --Salt & Pepper (total dive, Pakistani food)
    --Country Flame (again, total dive, but cheap)

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      1. Mona Lisa for pizza/Italian fare (1212 Royal St. It shares the address with it's next door neighbor Bennachin). Also, El Gato Negro, great Mexican food/fab margaritas (81 French Market Pl.).

        1. I would visit the Napolean House for atmosphere and a drink. I don't think the hours are back to normal, so you really need to check when they are open. They do a decent Muffaletta ( which is heated up a bit). Otherwise the food is nothing great in my opinion.

          I know you said no high end places, but I would try Bayona for the $20 lunch. You'll end up spending as much at some of the other "joints" and have a lovely mean in a beautiful atmosphere. No pressure to order more than the pre-fix menu.


          1. I have not been recently but Fiorella's used to be good, and cheap. Service iffy from what I've seen but we have never had a problem. Maybe someone who has been recently can post here. I've already made it known that I like Napoleon House for the muff, beans, gumbo and jambalaya. Is the gumbo the best? Probably not but IMO it's decent.