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Jan 21, 2008 11:55 AM

Hot dogs, Vienna beef and Home Depot

I was reading Rhulman's (The Soul of a Chef, The Reach of a Chef) blog on hot dogs and he reccommended Vienna Beef franks made in Chicago. I went to their site and found in Austin 3 people used them, Luck Dog, no longer in existence, Manny Hattens, which I have never tried and the hot dog stand at the Home Depot store in Buda. Anyone have any comments about this dog, in casing or not, and have you tried the one at the HD in Buda? I miss the hot dog stand at the north side HD and think it was a real disservice to their customers not to have the guy there. He told me one time, at the old HD site, that his rent was something like 700 a month to set up his stand there. I would be interested in comments. Thanks, J.

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  1. I use to love getting a sausage or beef frank and a soda at costco for 1.50...though it has been a long time....

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      The costco dogs are a good bargain, but the last few times that I have had them, the buns suffered from sitting in the steamer too long. Kind of sticky.

    2. I spotted Lucky Dog in Round Rock near La Frontera last week.

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        Lucky Dog's website has their address as wel as mentioning this Vienna beef:

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          We stopped by Lucky Dog today, the first time and it was quite good. I personally added too much mustard because I only checked one side of the bun but the Vienna Chicago Dog seems fairly competent to me. I liked the sport peppers. The poppy seed bun, pickle spear, tomatoes and funky green relish were all there.

      2. I think it's important to note that there are various tiers of Vienna products -- some dogs have that nice natural-casing snap, others are of the skinless variety, and there are I'm sure multiple subdivisions within those two categories (10:1, 8:1, etc.). I guess I just say this to temper your expectations.

        Costco dog is Hebrew National if I'm not mistaken.

        I've been meaning to try the dog at Casino el Camino now for a while, supposed to be a good one ........

        1. Target, of all places, used to sell them at their snack bar (Ohlen/183, at least). It was a 1/4lb (1/5th?) version. The knockwurst, I believe. But last I looked at the menu (at Lamar/290) they didn't specifically say it was Vienna Beef on the menu like it used to.

          Specs Chicago Dog was pretty darn good and quite authentic (minus the food coloring), but I couldn't identify which brand of skin-on hot dog it was. Could have been Boars Head. It was a good meal with the onion rings (they gave me about 12-14 tasty o-rings even though the receipt said the small order was only supposed to be 6 rings. Still, I couldn't finish them).

          The skinless Vienna dogs are available at HEB. But most hot dog aficionados require the skin-on version. They're still pretty good. Slightly better than Hebrew National.


          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. Thanks for your posting. Are you no longer also on 2300 Gudadelupe?