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Jan 21, 2008 11:48 AM

Arlington Recommendations?

Need recommendations for good restaurant - in Arlington area - ethnic is fine. Would prefer nice, but not too fancy or expensive.

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    1. punjab is good for indian food.

      1. They often have deals during the week. Currently:

        "Dinner Special

        Monday through Thursday evenings from January 14 to February 21 (except Feb 13-14), we will have a three course meal special for just $23.50!"

        Can't beat the price for the quality and attention to detail.

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        1. re: joebelt

          This was for Scutra btw.

          Punjab is indeed a decent american india restaurant. Thai Moon a decent Thai American option. Punjab and Thai Moon are both very informal. Scutra is a little more fancy.

          1. Thai Moon is by far the best thai in the area.