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Arlington Recommendations?

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Need recommendations for good restaurant - in Arlington area - ethnic is fine. Would prefer nice, but not too fancy or expensive.

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    1. punjab is good for indian food.

      1. They often have deals during the week. Currently:

        "Dinner Special

        Monday through Thursday evenings from January 14 to February 21 (except Feb 13-14), we will have a three course meal special for just $23.50!"

        Can't beat the price for the quality and attention to detail.

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          This was for Scutra btw.

          Punjab is indeed a decent american india restaurant. Thai Moon a decent Thai American option. Punjab and Thai Moon are both very informal. Scutra is a little more fancy.

          1. Thai Moon is by far the best thai in the area.

            1. How about Something Savory? It's "island fare" and I had a delicious meal there a couple of weeks ago. Great flavors, friendly and sincerely helpful staff. The chef is from...oh, gosh, can't remember which Caribbean island, but he makes home cookin'. Vibe is warm and neighborly.

              1. Kathmandu Spice - delicious food, not too expensive, pleasant surroundings, and cozy if you sit in the larger dining room.

                I also like Something Savory, but in this frigid weather, I'm not sure how warm they can keep the room.

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                  I would also recommend Kathmandu Spice. CH Prav, who knows the food well, would recommend the bamboo shoot dish (I can't recall the proper name). I was very close to ordering that and got a veggie mushroom dish instead. Very nice, but it was a huge dish - better for sharing, I think.