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Jan 21, 2008 11:46 AM

Charleston: 4 nights, 9 possibilities!

My wife and I will be visiting Charleston for 4 nights in April. Based on Chowhound comments and other sources, I have developed a list of 9 possible dinner spots. Any help in narrowing the list would be appreciated. The contenders (in no particular order) are:

Peninsula Grill
Charleston Grill
Circa 1866
82 Queen


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  1. If this were a golf tournament and we did a 36-hole cut, here's what I would leave left on your list for the weekend rounds:

    Peninsula Grill
    Charleston Grill
    (some might argue that McCrady's should remain on the list)

    Hank's should be substituted out for The Wreck over in Mt. Pleasant if you're craving seafood.

    I haven't heard anything impressive coming out of Anson, 1886, or 82 Queen in years.

    1. We really enjoyed S.N.O.B last year. Great Shrimp and Grits.

      1. I would scratch 82 queen and Anson.

        1. Would scratch Charleston Grill as well. Excellent service and wine list, average food. Too pricey to be just average. Would add the Ocean Room on Kiawah for the "weekend rounds", an a propo analogy for Charleston. FIG is on my list of lifetime top five meals. Peninsula is excellent as well. Would also add Al di La in West Ashley.

          1. Fig is always a great choice and you cannot go wrong with Peninsula Gill. We visit Peninsula whenever we are in the area and have never had a bad meal. The service and food are THE BEST! Don't forget to start the day off with breakfast at Hominy Grille. The sweet potato and banana breads are wonderful.
            Happy Travels.

            ps: Our last meal at Hank's was average at best