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Jan 21, 2008 11:40 AM

Walking Distance to the Prov. Biltmore

Hello All,

My wife and her friend are going to staying at the Biltmore in Providence this coming Saturday and they are looking for recs that are walking distance. My wife is a vegaterian and her friend I think will eat anything. They are looking for some place fun and not too stuffy, my wife thinks 80 degrees is "chilly" so it needs to be a pretty close walk. Mc & S is out due to the lack 'o veggie options. She is a fan of Gracies that so that is option, but if there is anything else out there that is close I'd love to hear it...


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  1. RIIIIGHT behind the Biltmore is L'Epicureo at the Hotel Providence. Italian, so pasta for a vegetarian? Raphael next door to Capital Grille, Citron for a hipper/"funner" place (but food not in same category as Gracie's or the others).

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    1. re: JaneRI

      Mc&S not for a vegetarian? Huh? Vegan or vege? I've been to Mc&S with many a vegetarian...

      Anyway, I like both recommendations above, especially Citron, which can be nice and fun as long as your expectations aren't too high.

      I'd check out the menu at Local 121 (although the food tends to be very uneven) and Bravo. Is anyone familiar with the menu at Agora at the Westin right down the street?

      - Garris

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        Food at 121 definitely spotty, but it's a great place to grab a drink. The bar is beautiful, and their cocktails are fantastic.

    2. Corner of Wilmington and Union is a place called Tazza, nice place to have breakfast or dinner. I had Eggs Florentine and was quite pleased with it, nicely poached eggs and a light but lemony hollandaise sauce. They have some fabulous veggie options as well. Also there is a place on Fontaine street called McCarthys pub and grill, had excellent crepe-like pancakes with plenty of fruit options. Dinner we had at Tazza and they had an amazing butternut squash soup, also some great pasta dishes, and the prices were quite reasonable. It's in the arts district, about 2 blocks from the hotel.

      1. I'm a big fan of Gracie's. I'm a lifelong lacto/ovo veggie and always have a delightful meal there.

        For something more casual, the Red Fez always has a few vegetarian options on their seasonal menu. They make a solid cocktail to boot.

        My husband (also veg.) and I detest Citron. We've given it more than a fair shake, but man, the food just doesn't taste good. Same goes for Local 121, except it was more of an execution problem.

        The only vegetarian item on McCormick and Schmick's sample dinner menu is a mixed field green salad, so that's definitely out, too. (On a side note, why do some people think vegetarians eat fish? Those people are omnivores).

        10 Steak and Sushi does alright for vegetarians, surprisingly. There are half dozen or so appetizers that have no meat, as well as a veggie entree. It's kind of an upscale party atmosphere. The super over-priced wine list is kind of a bummer, though.

        Still haven't dined at L'Epicureo since the big move. I've heard mixed reviews, but most have been positive.

        1. Taqeuria Pacifica has lots of veggie options. Whole different price point than Gracie's but defintely fits the "fun and not too stuffy" criteria - maybe a nice low key alternative for lunch.

          Also I would second Local 121 as a place for a drink.

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          1. re: Frobisher

            I agree with the recs for Red Fez or Taqueria Pacifica, two of my favorite Prov restaurants. Both attract a "cool" crowd. There's also Cuban Revolution around the corner from Gracie's with clearly marks the menu with "Vs" for veggie items.

            I think L'Epicureo seems a bit stuffy and like invinotheresverde, I detest Citron. The ambience is just "ewww."

            How is Downcity for dinner these days? And veggie items? Not much reported here on the board. I stopped in for brunch a few months ago but it fell off my radar since then. It's a bit of a walk (~10-15 minutes), but maybe they could start with a warming cocktail at Local 121 as suggested above.

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              I've never sat inside at Citron.....I think I was basing that rec on the outdoor summer seating.