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Jan 21, 2008 11:18 AM

Pot Roast

I have never made pot roast (being a Brit this is not a standard food).

I have had some great potroasts here in the usa, particularly like it when it is almost caramelised and I like carrots and peas and lots of gravy.

Can you help me with your really tasty recipes please?

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  1. Good start here: -- click on all links for complete info...

    The main page can be found at:

    1. Don't know how to link to an earlier thread, but search on the Home Cooking board for
      "Looking for great pot roast recipe" and you'll find lots of good ideas.

      1. Here is a fantastic step-by-step basic preparation with wonderful photographs of each step. It should give a great walk-through for your first attempt!

        If you want to include peas be sure to add them at the very last 10 - 20 minutes of cooking, otherwise they will be mushy!