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Jan 21, 2008 11:07 AM

Reviews for Fogo de Chao?

My sister in law ate there last night and she said you have to be a carnivorous animal to eat there! LOL They give you SO much meat she said. It came out to $165 per couple plus $20 for parking. I'm not much of a meat eater...I'm a chicken/seafood/veggie person. I just don't want to spend that much money and then not really eat anything. Our friends want us to go there...will it be a waste of money for me?


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  1. You can look at the menu here - Unless you like your chicken wrapped in bacon, you should go somewhere else. You would be spending a lot of money for the (ample) salad bar.

    1. Yes, it will. They have a nice salad bar but if you're not much of a meat eater, you're wasting your money.

      1. I totally agree with the above posts. Unless you are a die hard meat fan, it isn't worth it. I do love the little cheese puffs they serve, but not for that amount of money. My DH and I went and loved it, but the low point was the chicken! We went for the beef!

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          It's a grazing hole for carnivors; however, if you can afford it, give it a try for the experience. The salad bar is worth the $20 something price point.

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            Unfortunately, I have to agree. The salad bar IS nice: fresh cheese, some nice thin slices of salmon, and meats, veggies, a few types of potato salads and the like. They also bring endless polenta, plantains, and something else (forgot) to the table which are also pretty tasty. However, I don't know if I'd consider it worth the price point.

            If it's for the group/party/occasion or something, sure, I'd say go and enjoy the experience, but otherwise I'd steer clear. If you do go, I'd recommend to those getting the meats to go for the lamb (oh man the lambs were fantastic both times I went). The beef ranges from ok to great. The chicken is more than mediocre, it's actually pretty bad. And stay away from bacon wrapped anything.

          2. If you go, you'll be going for the experience. So enjoy, but don't expect to feel like you ate your money's worth.

            1. You can go and just eat from the salad bar. You'll get charged less than you will if you eat the meat too. The sallad bar is really good - high quality etc., but its also around $25. $25 for all you can eat salad, no matter how good, is probably not for everyone. Also, I'm pretty sure that most of the side dishes that they bring to the table only come if at least one person in your party has the meat. In any case, the last time I dined there, one of us had the meat and the other opted only for the salad bar. With one cocktail the tab came to around $90-$100 as I recall.

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              1. re: Marvin

                1 meat ($44.50) + 1 salad bar ($19.50) + 1 cocktail (???) = $90-100

                That's a really expensive cocktail. That being said, for the OP and anyone curious: their wine list, while extensive, is quite pricey.

                1. re: Wangus

                  cocktail is actually reasonale if the $90-$100 includes tax and tip.

                  I'm waiting for right occasion to try Fogo de Chao near me but I am planning on trying it.

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                    IIRC, the salad bar is not $19.50, more like $25-$30. And the $90-$100 included tax / tip.

                    1. re: Marvin

                      Unless the price is different per location, the salad bar was definitely 19.50 when I went a week ago. However, I didn't consider tip when you said 'tab'.