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Jan 21, 2008 10:44 AM

Kosher food on a cruise

I may be joining family on a Princess Cruise Lines cruise (Crown Princess ship) or a Costa cruise (Costa Fortuna)...but will need kosher food. (I've never done cruising but I understand most cruise lines are very accomodating.) Does anyone have experience with getting kosher food on cruises in general or w/these lines specifically? Is it airline food usual or something comparable to what you're paying for? If the "kosher" food turns out to be vile, are the cruise lines usually accomodating to double wrap fish?

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  1. I have never been on a cruise, but I assume it is like an airline, in that you will have to take whatever they have contracted with to accommodate their kosher clients.

    There are kosher cruises available; maybe you could recommend one to your family. Check out

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      I've done Kosher on Disney and its basically airline food.

    2. a cruise can be a waste of money if you can't eat any catered food. cruises are like eating and drinking orgies all day and night, so if you can't partake of it accept with plastic wrapped food in microwave ovens, you are really going to feel cheated during the entire trip. you may be better off just flying and meeting them at the final vacation destination.

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        Gotta agree with Joe here. The real draw of most cruises is indeed the food.

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          My husband and I went on a Celebrity Cruise in January, and there was an entire subcruise operating under the title "Suite Life." They had kosher buffets, ate in subsections of the dining room, etc. Seemed much better than the pre-packaged option that otherwise would have to have been taken. There were places to daven, and we even had a Shabbos elevator that stopped on every floor. I spoke with lots of the women, and they raved about the quality of the food. I know they do both Celebrity and Crystal, they may do others as well.

          Their website is

        2. I've heard of Princess being accommodating with kosher food and double wrapped fish. Ask around and ask them.


            Go to the Princess site and search "kosher", and they say they can accommodate.

            1. I've bee on a lot of cruises, and Kashrut has never been an issue. The staff always seems very anxious to please me, although i make arrangements before hand. I ususally wait until I can get a great deal on a cruise, and then I purchase my own packaged food. Everyone always goes out of their way to please me. I bring my own wine, and I'm usually very happy. I usually don't have an issue with breakfast since I love fresh fruits and dairy, and I need to remind myself that I'm on the cruise for much more than the food. I am leaving on a Holland American cruise next week, and they all ready know me. They go out of their way to make me happy. I'll letr you know how it goes, but I have no doubt that it will be perfect.

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                I am most interested in your comment about your own packaged food. Do you bring it on board yourself have it sent to the ship directly? Is it prepackaged in individual servings or complete meals? Is it all frrozen? Please provide more details. I am contemplating a first-time cruise and it will be several weeks long. What happens to the food on Shabbat? Thanks!