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Jan 21, 2008 10:35 AM

Oona's or Leslie's in Bellows Falls

Looking for a nice restaurant for my birthday in the Chester, VT area. I think Oona's or Leslie's seem to fit the bill. What kind of food (specific menu items would be nice) does Oona's have? Anyone have a strong feeling either for or against either of these? Thanks.

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  1. FYI, I believe Oona's burned down awhile ago. My boyfriend's parents live across the river and it used to be their favorite dinner spot. I don't know anything about Leslie's.

    1. Why not go in a slightly different direction to the Inn at Weathersfield? If your budget is limited, the Tavern Menu looks fairly forgiving.
      While I haven't eaten at the Inn, I've sampled the chef's cooking at our farmer's market (he does several “Shop Fresh with the Chef” demos each season) and everything has been spot-on.

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        Yes, Oona's burned down awhile ago and I haven't seen any signs of it back yet. I only ate there one for lunch and wasn't impressed.

        What I'm curious about is...I read some time back in of the local banquet magazines about an authentic Japanese restaurant located in an inn in Chester and can't remember what the name was. I've never seen it mentioned on Chowhound and was wondering if it still existed and if anyone had any comments about the food, inn, etc.

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          It's the Old Town Farm Inn, just north of Chester off Rt. 10. I had dinner there once – it was quite good, but the place is just far enough away to be a chore to get there, and I haven't been back.

          1. re: GG Mora

            Hey, thanks for the quick response. I'm trying to plan a surprise birthday for my partner, Bruno. I'm torn between the sushi place in Camden, ME and trying this place that's much closer to home. We haven't been to Maine yet, but staying closer to home is much easier on the budget. So I'll have to decide soon.

            1. re: Bri

              the old town farm inn in gasetts is very nice. i ate there on friday night and each time we go, it just keeps getting better. it's byo for beer/wine, but they provide the setups and corkscrews...

              in addition to leslie's, in bellows falls, which is quite nice, we have a wonderful little italian bistro-style restaurant which started up shortly before oona's burned down in september of 2006. it is called boccelli's on the canal on 46 canal street in bellows falls. they are closed but will re-open this weekend, 2/1.
              happy eating
              ray massucco

      2. My husband and I happened upon Leslie's Tavern in Rockingham this past weekend. The food was incredible. I highly recommend. I had the steak poivre with a cognac peppercorn sauce, and my husband the lamb special, both delicious. Also, Leslie and husband/chef John are extremely's no wonder this place has a loyal local following.

        1. I live right across the river from Bellows Falls and Oona's is definitely long gone. I've only eaten at Leslie's once, and I was less than impressed by the food at that time. However, the owners are, as previously mentioned, lovely people.

          Boccelli's is also nice with excellent food, but is probably more casual than what you are looking for. I'd recommend it for more of a grab-and-go situation or a quick lunch versus a special occasion dinner.

          If you head across the river from Bellows Falls into Walpole, NH, the restaurant at Burdick Chocolate is stellar. I've never had a bad meal there and the service is top notch. It's French-inspired and the menu changes daily.