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Aug 3, 2001 12:10 PM

recommendations for best sushi in downtown LA?

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Hi - We'll be visiting S. Calif. next weekend and are searching for a good Sushi Bar/Restaurant located in Downtown LA. (also if they have good non-sushi entrees for my more squeemish friends). Any suggestions?

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    Mike Kilgore

    If you really want downtown there have been some good reports on the board for R23. (923 E. 3rd Street, Ph-

    1. My wife is Japanese and a borderline sushi snob - she likes:
      Downtown LA - R23 or Sushi Gen (in Honda Plaza)
      West LA/Hollywood - Nishimura
      Valley - Sushi Nozawa
      Beach Cities - Kikusui in Palos Verdes (HIGHLY receommended)
      Santa Monica/West LA - Sasabune (you can't order here and sushi is "Edo mae" (?) style - big pieces of sushi and rice is warmer than regular sushi rice)
      Venice - Canal Club (also makes our list because it's walking distance and we like Nick-san, the main sushi chef, so we may be biased.....)
      Has anyone tried Mori Sushi on Pico/Gateway yet....?

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        I can vouch for R23 - great fish, funky location, moderately expensive. If you like ama ebe, be sure to order it. The presentation is great! :)

        I'd like to hear more about Kikusui. How are the prices? Is it a straight sushi place, or do they have other recommended dishes?


        1. re: David L

          Kikusui is a full service family owned Japanese restaurant (its in Hillside Village on Hawthorne Boulevard just north of the Palos Verdes Peninsula). The fish is wonderfully fresh and the preparations are traditional (be prepared for a good natured scowl if you order spicy tuna roll). Conveniently, you can even reserve spots at the sushi bar.


      2. Mention all over this Board, Tsukasa has wonderful sushi. Make sure you sit in front of Kawasaki-san, he has the most experience as a etame-san and (coming from a sushi-snob trained by Shibuya-san himself) I believe you'll get the best sushi (i.e. fish/rice ratio, firmness of the nigiri, proper cut of fish) from him.....enjoy!

        1. I have tried a few... Zencu in little tokyo and sushi terri also in little tokyo. both good but yet zencu is low quality ( Cheap Price) and Sushi Terri, owner is not so nice. I have lots of choices so hopefully now living downtown i will try more.


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            Do not go to Zencu. Pretty mediocre.