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Jan 21, 2008 10:05 AM

Alex in Las Vegas

has anyone dined at Alex lately? a search through recent posts about high-end restaurants in vegas didn't really turn up much detail. i am heading to vegas next month with a group of girls for a stagette and we're thinking of having our 'splurge' dinner there.

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  1. I've eaten there twice, but not since October 2006. The chef is still Alex Stratta, and from what I've read things haven't changed a lot in a year and a half. I think Alex is a top notch restaurant, surpassed only by places that are considerably more expensive. For details, see my notes at .

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      thanks for linking to your reviews. makes me very excited to try Alex. and indeed, we are choosing Alex because I (sadly) had to forego Robuchon or Savoy due to their prices, but hopefully if it is as good as when you went, it won't at all feel like we are 'settling'.

    2. You won't go wrong at Alex. I've been there twice in the past year. The food is the best I've had in Vegas (I have not been to JR or Guy Savoy however). The environment is unique (I won't give it away). It's hard for me to imagine better service. Both times I have had the tasting menu which is more pricey but makes for a wonderful evening. If you are into wine, get the pairings. I have been introduced to some great wines which are now in my cellar from the wine pairings at Alex. My wife and I will be dining there in March. I can't wait. Let us know how it goes.

      1. I agree with all the accolades - four of us enjoyed our first visit there just this last Friday, and it's one of the top meals I've had in Vegas. Three of us did the tasting (and they kindly let the men switch out a dish), and one the prix-fixe. We all loved it - excellent service, beautiful atmosphere, and wonderful food.

        3131 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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          i'm delighted to read you had a great experience! could you share any details on what your tasting menu consisted of? is it at all similar to the sample menu on the wynn las vegas website (which seemed to be from spring 2007)? thanks!

          1. re: auberginegal

            The Wynn redid their website and the new menu was on it as of yesterday. The two times I've been there the menu has been similar but still unique. Each time I've been to Alex, there has been a course that integrates osetra caviar. There will be a foie gras course, fish and meat course. The last time the meat course was Wagyu Beef which was quite memorable. It had the texture of butter with a wonderful beef flavor. Two desert courses come on the tasting menu followed by some delicious bite sized chocolates and pasteries. They send you out the door with a small bag of delicious macaroons. No course is large in size, but the 6-courses collectively will satisfy just about any appetite. I highly suggest the wine pairings with the tasting menu. They are very well thought out and the soms are motivated to teach interested diners about the wines and the pairings.

            1. re: climberdoc

              mmm starting to salivate just reading about that wagyu beef! thanks for the info, i will go check out the website!

              1. re: auberginegal

                Sorry for the delayed response, but glad climberdoc helped you out! Yes, that is the tasting menu I had and everything was a winner, with standouts being the fantastic bay scallops with parsnip puree, and the wagyu beef. Hope you enjoy Alex as much as we did!

        2. i am now back from vegas and thought i'd give a report on my meal at Alex. it was absolutely one of the best dining experiences (if not the best) i have had, and i have been to a few higher end restaurants at home (toronto) and done tasting menus before.

          we were a party of 8 girls, some vegeterians, and some others with other dietary restrictions. the restaurant was completely great in accomodating all of us. a few of us (including me) ordered the regular tasting menu, one person had the vegetarian tasting menu, another the regular prix fixe, a vegetarian prix fixe and finally a vegetarian prix fixe that had to be made special due to additional food restrictions. the server was really great too, because he kept having to come back to check if certain ingrediants were ok for this one person in particular, they were being extra cautious to make sure she didn't have any problems with her food.

          at the entrance, we were greeted, our coats taken, and then led into the restaurant and to all of our surprises, into our own little room with a view of the kitchen. the room was situated between 2 little areas where they keep wine, and there were windows into each room so we saw people going in once in awhile to get a bottle or two. i had absolutely no idea there were other dining areas besides the main room (which is what i saw from the photos on the website) so this was a pleasant surprise, not to mention being able to have more privacy for our group. the table in the room is also a round one which (imo) is great for conversation vs a long rectangular one.

          our menu was slightly different than the one posted online, likely due to some nut and coconut allergies. for the regular tasting menu, highlights for us were the scallops with osetra caviar, lobster in sea urchin butter with a slice of truffle on top, a generous serving of foie gras in an apple broth (some found it too rich because there was so much of it!) and the wagyu beef (soooo flavourful). the 2 vegetarians loved the ricotta gnocchi dish.

          for dessert, i had chocolate, chocolate, chocolate for dessert, but it was a bit too much for me. one of the others had the caramelized apples dessert and she completely had 'a moment', it was apparently that good!

          service was impeccable. the bread between courses was really good, and i remembered reading about how it was dangerous to eat too much of it and now i see why! my favourite was the orange rosemary, though the cranberry sunflower was popular with our table as well.

          this was truly a great meal, and especially for the diners in my party who have never gone the tasting menu option and never truly had a 'splurge' meal, they were bowled over by the food and the amazing service. watching the kitchen was a real treat too. it was worth every penny!

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          1. re: auberginegal

            I was looking forward to your report! Sounds fabulous, and I'm so glad you enjoyed it as much as we did. That private room overlooking the kitchen sounds wonderful - what a bonus!

            1. re: Rubee

              here's a pic of the kitchen from where i was sitting!

              1. re: auberginegal

                How nice, what a treat! I'm jealous. Great pic.

                1. re: auberginegal

                  I'm glad you had a good time...If Alex insn't my favorite restaurant then it is definately in the top 3. Anyone else think Alex is getting a bit overshadowed by the new european competition (Savoy/JR)? I have eaten at 3 3star Michelin retaurants and ALEX WAS AS GOOD IF NOT BETTER THAN ALL OF THEM. Just a thought.

                  1. re: sxfan

                    I am excited to find out where Alex stands in relation to Joel R. and Guy S. I have not dined at either of them yet. My meals at Alex have been among the best I have experienced. There has been no dropoff in food or service quality during any of my visits. To be honest, it's been difficult for me to branch out to the European competition with Alex being so good and so consistent. In addition, it is also lower priced than Joel R. and Guy S.

                    1. re: climberdoc

                      To me, Joel Robuchon is the best in town; the meal combines the best tasting dishes with by far the best presentation. Guy Savoy is second, beating out Alex by a nose. However, as you note, Alex is a relative bargain compared to the other two.

                      For details, see my reviews at .

                      1. re: Larry

                        I really value the wine pairings that Alex offers with the tasting menu. If I am spending that much coin on a meal, I wan't a pro picking the wine. I'm willing to pay for that service, which one definitely does at Alex. The lack of wine pairings with the tasting menus at GS and JR have made me apprehensive to go. That's not to say I won't. Wine is such a large part of my fine food experience that I want to make sure I will be taken care of at GS and JR. Why do they not offer wine pairings? Is it because they feel their food stands alone and does not need wine? If so, then I'll stick with Alex. Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated.

                        1. re: climberdoc

                          When I dined at Guy Savoy, I wasw lucky enough to be introduced to Frank Savoy. I mentioned some of the same concerns to him and he offered to do the pairing himself. What an honor! Since I was having the 10 course meal I didn't think I could handle 10 glasses of wine so he chose 5 wines and paired each wine with two courses. I was skeptical, but the pairings were seamless! The meal was the best of my life.

                          Anyway, my point is that even though they may not advertise it, they will do wine pairings. Wonderful wine pairings!

                          1. re: foodgimp

                            Thanks Foodgimp.

                            That is just what I needed to hear to go for it and try Guy Savoy. On my upcoming trip starting 3/16 we will be dining at both Alex and Guy Savoy. Will be doing wine pairings at both. Reservations are made. Can't wait!

                            1. re: climberdoc

                              Glad to have helped. I am going to be in Vegas 3/19 to 3/24. Staying at the Palms, going to N9NE and Alize. I have been trying to get into Trotters at the Palazzo but they aren't taking reservations yet. Do you know if you need reservations to eat at the "bubble bar"?

                              1. re: foodgimp

                                Sorry foodgimp. I'm not sure if bubble bar requires reservations. Our plans for this trip are Rosemary's, B&B, Alex and Guy Savoy. We were going to go to SW Steakhouse, buy GS replaced it. Also hope to have lunch at Tableau. Staying at the Wynn 3/16 to 3/19. Have a great trip and thanks again for the advice on Guy Savoy.

            2. msfinkster and I dined at Alex. One of the best meals I've had in a long time at Las Vegas or any other place. Msfinkster had the foie gras followed by the rabbit. I had the sweetbreads followed by the turbot. Everything was fantastic, and the service and the setting were superb as well. Alex is not cheap although I think it is good value for money. All in all my second favorite restaurant in Las Vegas, only to Joel Robuchon at the Mansion. To Larry: You are fortunate to have a good meal at Guy Savoy. The night we dined there, the food was definitely second rate. The only superb dish was the artichoke and black truffle soup. Everything else was merely so-so, and, at those prices, everything should have been memorable, not overcooked, dried out and tasteless. Add to that the stark, ultramodern setting, and you end up with a very disappointing meal. Fortunately, Alex and The Mansion do not disappoint.

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                Interesting, our experience was almost the exact opposite. We were wowed by Guy Savoy, and disappointed by Alex. It seems that it must have been an off night, however, since everyone adores Alex. Here's a link to my review: The food at Alex was very's just that nothing else blew me away.

                As far as the stark, ultramodern setting....everyone has a different ideal of luxury. Alex was a more traditional definition of "luxury"...Guy Savoy definitely unconventional, as with most of the experience. Although everyone's experience difference, my experience at Guy Savoy was far from disappointing and definitely should have been for nearly $1,500 for two, with wine pairings.