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Aug 3, 2001 11:26 AM

Linq (loved it)

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Had dinner at Linq this week and was pleasantly surprised. Typically, restaurants with a buzz have servers with "baditude" but not here. Our hostess and waitress could not have been nicer. Food was great....started with a roast beet and goat cheese salad followed by a some lamb on a bed of spinich, garlicy roasted potatos and baby vegies....Even the bartender was nice (had a great discussion on single malts).

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  1. m
    Mike Kilgore

    8338 West 3rd. Street

    1. s
      sasha talbert

      I was there last weekend and had a very similar experience. The food was excellent as well as the service which was surprisingly friendly and attentive in this oh so hip Hollywood haunt. I would definitley return.