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Jan 21, 2008 09:44 AM

Buying a Coffee Maker in Calgary?!

I am finally getting round to replacing my old espresso/latte machine which didn't survive the voltage differences between the UK & Canada.

I am looking for a decent machine, under $1000 - that will make great espresso but also efficiently froth up milk to make a latte.

Any suggestions on where to buy such a machine in our city & any hints on makes/models would be most appreciated!!

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  1. I think the best sub-$1000 consumer machine is the Rancilio Silvia- it has a professional group and portafilter and though it's a single-boiler, non-heat-exchanger machine, my understanding is that it heats up for milk frothing very quickly (if you want instant-on frothing, you're going to pay more than $1000 for either a heat exchanger or my elektra spring-assisted lever machine). Oh- the La Pavoni manual (non-spring-assisted) lever is less than $1000 and can make superb espresso AND has on-demand frothing since it taps steam from the boiler, but it's not an easy machine to work with.

    I would go for the Silvia- it's around $600 so you can actually get it and the superb Rocky grinder (also from Rancilio) for usually less than $1000. A good grinder is every bit as important as a good espresso machine.

    I know that you can purchase Silvia at Mr Cappuccino. Other places to poke around are National Cappuccino, Espuccino Imports and Cappuccino King, which is where I got my elektra.

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        I am now the proud owner of a Rancilio Silva & a Rocky Doser grinder - actually purchased from Espressotec in Vancouver.

        Love them to bits - just getting the hang of temperature surfing & the like.

        Also using Black Cat Espresso beans from Inteligensia as supplied by Communitea in Canmore.

        Thanks for the tips John.

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          be sure to try the new single- origin espresso at Phil and Sebastian- and don't forget the 49th Parallel at Bumpy's or the espresso at Artigiano! So many great beans in town these days!